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Currently evolving into a high-value-added industry, Korean fashion has a clear competitive edge in materials and design.

Korea's Fashion Market Growth (2006-2015)

전자 (수출: 932 억불, 수입: 485 억불, 수지:448 억불)
수송 (수출: 304 억불, 수입: 74 억불, 수지:231 억불)
화학 (수출: 452 억불, 수입: 283 억불, 수지:169 억불)
전기 (수출: 238 억불, 수입: 143 억불, 수지:95 억불)

* Source: Statistics Korea
* Note: From 2017-2008 and 2014-2015, the actual KRW amount saw an increase, although the USD amount decreased due to the exchange rate.

Korea's Competitiveness in Fashion Technology

1st DRAM(Samsung electronix, hynix)
1st Display(Samsung electronix, LG Display)
1st Small rechargeable battery(Samsung electronix, LG화학)
1st Handset(Samsung electronix, LG Electronics, PANTECH)

* Source: Korea Institute for Industrial Economics & Trade (2013)

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