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New and Renewable Energy

The new and renewable energy industry of Korea has been growing based on exports
of photovoltaics and wind power. The Korean government is striving to promote sustainable
R&D and the commercialization of new and renewable energy.

Major companies by sector

Photovoltaics(Hanwha chamical, S-Energy, OCI)
Wind power(Hanwha chamical, HYOSUNG, Unison)
Fuel cells(Hanwha chamical, Posco Enegy)

New and Renewable Energy Clusters in Korea

  • Chungbuk Innovation City : 
    Solar Power Technology 
    Support Center

    An advanced base for nurturing the
    photovoltaics industry. The center has
    the largest test equipment in Korea.

  • Saemangeum Solar Power 

    Plans to attract photovoltaics-related
    companies and research institutions.

    Buan New and Renewable 

    The only comprehensive complex in
    Korea for empirical research, industries
    and PR.

  • Southwest Offshore Wind 

    Plans to build a 2.5GW-class maritime
    wind power generation complex that
    is to be introduced along Wido Island
    to Anmado Island.

    South Jeolla Province : 
    5GW Wind Farm Project 

    A 300MW wind farm to be completed
    by 2018.

  • Gumi : 
    Photovoltaics Test Bed Center

    Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province
    will nurture custom-tailored experts and
    support the R&D of SMEs to develop
    new parts and commercialize their

  • Pohang POSTECH’s New and 
    Renewable Energy Lab

    Test beds for hydraulic fuel cells

  • South Gyeongsang Province : 
    Uiryeong Wind Farm Project 

    Plans to build 25 wind generators (750kW).

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