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■ Eco-friendly Auto Parts Cluster Creation for Hydrogen and Electric Cars (Automobile Industrial Valley)

  • Invested 303 billion won until 2012
  • Created automobile industrial complex in Bitgreen National Industrial Complex
  • Created eco-friendly innovation cluster including Advanced Technology Support Center
  • Develop eco-friendly auto parts technology for SUVs and diesel hybrid cars
  • Created a hyb city of future vehicles such as hydrogen and electric vehicles

■ Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) Hub City Creation

  • Established Center for Creative Economy and Innovation in Gwangju (leading organization of FCEV implementation) on January 27, 2015
  • Started a project to develop technology for localization of converged stations for hydrogen and electric vehicles on November 1, 2016 (30 billion won)
  • Started a hydrogen and electric vehicle car sharing project (42 cars/15 hydrogen and 27 electric cars) on April 13, 2017

■ Kia Motors (Country's Second Largest Carmaker)

  • Established production system that can produce 620,000 cars in a year (Sportage, Soul, Carens, etc.) with country's best labor productivity (79 cars per person)



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