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Establishment of Energy Valley

■ Establishment of Gwangju Energy Valley

  • ㅇ Concept of the Gwangju Energy Valley: The whole Gwangju interacting with the project partner, as part of Bitgaram Energy Valley
  • ㅇ Project Overview
      - Period : 2015-2020
    - Vision: Building the next generation energy hub city

■ Establishment of Bitgaram Energy Valley

The establishment of Bitgaram Energy Vally is a project implemented by KEPCO upon relocation of the office to Gwangju and Jeollanam-do Province with the aim to develop mutually with the regional community.

  • ㅇ Period: 2015-2020
  • ㅇ Location: Bitgaram Innovation City, around Gwangju and Jeollanam-do
  • ㅇ Implemented by: Gwangju, Jeonnam (Naju), KEPCO, Korea Power Exchange, KEPCO Plant Service & Engineering Co., KEPCO Knowledge Data Network Co.
  • ㅇ Goal
      - Invest over KRW 10 billion annually
      - Attract 500 companies and nurture 1,000 professional personnel by 2020

■ Cooperation on Development of Electric Power Technology

□ The first joint project in conjunction with the relocation of the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO).

  • ㅇ Project Name: The regional industry promotion project in line with growth center
  • ㅇ Period/Location: August 2014 to July 2017 (3 years)/Gwangju and Jeonnam area
  • ㅇ Organizer/Participant: Local governments (Gwangju and Jeonnam), KEPCO, regional innovation-related organizations and companies
  • ㅇ Project Content: Development and networking of hybrid microgrid (MG) in islands, and microgrid energy storage system (ESS)

□ Establishment of Ecosystem for Internet of Things (IoT) Industry

  • ㅇ Period/Location : September 2015 to August 2017 (2 years)/Around Gwangju
  • ㅇ Project Participants: Honam University, Gwangju Techno Park, KEPCO Plant Service & Engineering Co., Energy & HAVC Co., Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI), etc.
  • ㅇ Project Content: Demonstration and industrialization of long and short period hybrid ESS

□ Demonstration and Industrialization of HVDC Technology Development

  • ㅇ High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC): electromagnetic wave ×, size of transmission tower ↓, underground work ○, construction cost ↑
  • ㅇ Period/Location : 2016-2019 (4 years)/Gwangju and Jeonnam area
  • ㅇ Implemented by: Direct Current Transmission and Distribution Project Group (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
  • ㅇ Project Content: Development of voltage type HVDC technology, and demonstration and certification of the system
  • ■ Expantion of Research Infrastructure of Energy Valley

  • ㅇ Establishment of Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute Gwangju Office
      - 2015-2022 (8 years)
      - In the Energy Valley National Industrial Complex / Phase one site 49,587 ㎡, building area 6,422 ㎡ * Construction permit(April 9, 2018)
      - Completion of foundation construction (December 2019), development of electric power technology and support for companies (from January 2020)
  • ㅇ Establishment of Korea Institute of Energy Gwangju Office
      - 2013-2022 (10 years)
      - In Gwangju Special Zone for R&D / Site 23,150 ㎡, building area 5,111 ㎡
      - Completion of foundation construction (construction complete in October 2017 / equipment brought in March 2018)
      - Opening Ceremony (March 12 2018), Technology development of energy storage and bioenergy and support fostering industry (from March 2018)
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