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New and Renewable Energy

■ Expansion of Foundation to Develop New and Renewable Energy Industry

  • ㅇ Photovoltaic power performance evaluation and operation of test certification infrastructure
  • ㅇ Attracting energy research institutions and establishment and operation of International Geothermal Center

■ Capacity Building for Development of the Next Generation Energy Technology

  • ㅇ Development of technology of next-generation solar cell, energy storage, microgrid
  • ㅇ Photovoltaic power performance evaluation and operation of test certification infrastructure

■ Support Expanded Civilian Supply of New and Renewable Energy

  • ㅇ (Supply of balcony-style Bitgoel power station) Mini solar photovoltaic power station (250-300W)) Attracted voluntary participation from residents by providing subsidies for installation
     - ’Jan. to Dec. 2018 (1 year) / 447 households applied (goal of 1,000 households)
  • ㅇ (New and renewable energy house project) Provide subsidies to detached houses with solar photovoltaic facilities installed according to energy source and capacity (Maximum KRW 1 million/ 3 kW of solar photovoltaic energy)
      - ’2004-2022 (18 years)
  • ㅇ (Regional project for new and renewable energy) Provide subsidies and support for installation cost to public, welfare and educational facilities to supply new and renewable energy
      - ’ 1997-2022 (25 years)

■ Technology Development of New Businesses of Energy Industry and Continued Support for Businesses

  • ㅇ (Expanded smartgrid) Establishment of groundwork for new businesses of energy industry jointly with KEPCO
      - 2017-2018 (2 years)
      - Free replacement of old watt-hour meter with advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) for 18,200 households
      - ’Recruitment for 3,400 households in 2018 and application from 10,300 households ※ Installation for 14,800 households complete
  • ㅇ (Promotion of economic cooperation industry in energy sector) Maximize synergy by collaborating and cooperating with industries from other local government (Jeonbuk-do) to nurture energy-related companies
      - Step 1 2015-2018 (3 years)
      - Achievement of step 1 municipal project (2 years): 51 employed, 5 patents, KRW 5.7 billion sales and 191 technologies
      - Step 2 2018-2020 (3 years)
  • ㅇ (ESS Establishment project in Chosun University) Improve energy efficiency by establishing ESS infrastructure in the region
      - 2017-2018 (1 year)
      - 2018 ESS and EV recharging stations installed (Undergoing analysis on effect of commercial operation)

■ Promote Company Growth by Supporting Marketing and Market

(Solar Wind Earth Energy Trade Fair (SWEET)) Sales increase of related companies by exchanging advanced technologies and supporting marketing

  • ㅇ 2018 Event March 14-16 (3 days)
  • ㅇ Attended by 187 companies from 23 countries, 27,234 visitors and signed USD 111 million export contract
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