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Realization of creative economy by maximizing environment resources of Jeju

■ Build a leading city for electric vehicles based on the optimal conditions

  • Change vehicles in Jeju to electric vehicles in advance to become a carbon-free island.
    - (’14) 860 vehicles → (’17) 10 percent (29,000 vehicles) → (’20) 30 percent (94,000 vehicles) → (’30) 100 percent(371,000 vehicles)
  • Build a global electric vehicle platform including test bed for electric vehicles
  • Attract research institutions related to electric vehicles and develop relevant industries including car launch show

■ Develop wind power industry as the future clean energy resource

  • Distribution of renewable energy : (’14) 11 percent → (’20) 50 percent → (’30) 100 percent
  • 119 ㎿ of wind power in operation, 476 ㎿ of wind power under process of construction and approval
    - (Land 350 ㎿) 116 ㎿ of wind power in operation, 178 ㎿ of wind power under process of construction, 56 ㎿ of wind power available for distribution
    - (Sea 2,000 ㎿) 33 ㎿ of wind power in operation, 268 ㎿ of wind power in the pilot zone, 1,699 ㎿ of wind power available for distribution
  • Develop wind power related regional companies and create jobs for maintenance and parts and materials of wind power

■ Become a hub city by developing smart grid across Jeju

  • Promote convergence type (electric vehicles + renewable energy related) smart grid expansion project
    - Establish smart grid infrastructure across Jeju and expand participation opportunities for regional companies
  • Build smart grid test center and training center
    - Develop a global certification center, create a smart grid cluster

■ Develop future local products by maximizing natural resources of Jeju

  • Jeju water (lava water) : Research and produce high value added products and in relation to tourism industry
    - Promote as a regional business project of the government, research project feasibility (May~Nov.‘14)
  • Biodiversity : Home to about 8,000 species of biological resources, produce cosmetics and functional food
    - Become a hub city for natural cosmetics industry by building an organic cosmetics certification system
  • Medicinal crops : Produce and supply high quality seeds, build farms for each region

■ Develop next generation’s anti-aging industry in relation to the “island of longevity”

  • Develop drugs and medical technology to prevent and cure aging, operate health care programs
  • Develop anti-aging tourism products and discover new projects in relation to national projects
    - Establish basic direction by organizing research team and collecting relevant documents



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