About Jeju

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Let me introduce Jeju school. 1)North London Collegiate School,Established in 2011,Established in 2011, 2) BrankSomeHall,Established in 2012, 49 classes, 881 students 3)KIS,Established in September 2011,56 classes, 1,013 students, 4)St.Johnsbury Academy,Established in 2017, 37 classes, 615 students
The Best
Education City
With its clean natural environment, Jeju aims to be an education hub of Northeast Asia. Jeju Global Education City, created in an area of 3.79m² in Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si with investment worth KRW 1.78 trillion, is a mecca for foreign language education where English is used in everyday life and in school. It provides the finest education environment for those who moved to Jeju for business, as well as children of investors.
Source: ‘Survey to learn areas for further improvement a n d e n h a n c e education quality in international schools
                            and Global Education City’ (Jan., 2019), Parents (508)Survey 1) Satisfied 69.1%, 2) Neutral 21.4%, 3) Unsatisfied 9.4%, Students (522) Survey 1)Satisfied 60.5% 2) Neutral 28.5% 3)Unsatisfied
                            10.9% Incentives to Support Establishment
                            of Foreign Educational Institutions
                            and International Schools. The order is as follows. 1.Definition 2.Qualification 3.Financial Support 4.Education Program 5.Location 6.Approva 7.Quota for domestic
                            students admitted
                            to schools 8.Recognition of
                            Scholastic Ability 9.Incentives. About Foreign Educational Institutions, 1.A foreign educational institution established and
                            operated in Jeju Special Self-governing Province
                            by a foreign educational foundation which
                            establishes and operates a preschool/elementary/
                            secondary/higher educational institution under
                            the foreign statutes in a foreign country. 2. Non-profit foreign educational foundations 3.Available 4.Available for pre/elementary/middle/high school 5.Free Economic Zone,
                            Jeju Special Self-governing Province 6.Must be obtained from the superintendent of
                            Jeju Special Self-governing Province (up to high
                            and from the Governor of Jeju Special Selfgoverning Province (university and higher
                            education). 7.Less than 50% of the total students up to high
                            schools, and no quota exists in university and
                            higher education programs . 8.Recognition is granted to high schools and higher
                            education programs, and in cases where an
                            institution is designated as the one that receives
                            recognition for its scholastic ability.. 9.Tax cuts provided under the regulation designating Jeju Investment Promotion Zone.
                            about International Schools, 1.Schools operating foreign education programs
                            in accordance with special acts limited to Jeju
                            Special Self-governing Province and Jeju Island 2. N/A 3. N/A 4.Available for pre/elementary/middle school 5.Jeju Global Education City 6.Must be obtained from the superintendent of
                            Jeju Special Self-governing Province 7.Granted 8.Granted 9.Tax cuts provided under the regulation designating Jeju Investment Promotion Zone
High Satisfaction of Students Attending
Jeju Global Education City and Their Parents
Satisfaction levels with regard to Jeju Global Education City’s superb education environment are quite high. According to a satisfaction survey conducted since 2014 on students and their parents from four international schools located in Jeju Global Education City, the share of respondents with an answer of ‘satisfied’ remained robustly over 60%, far surpassing the share of those who said ‘unsatisfied’ (approx. 10%).
Attracting Specialized Foreign Universities
to the Former Site of Tamna University
In a place not far from Jeju Global Education City, there is a site with an area of 312,217m² that was once occupied by Tamna University (building, 312,217m²). Today, Jeju is aiming to attract foreign universities to open their doors on this site. Available incentives include a public property long-term rental program (for 50 years, term extension allowed), discounted rent (50-100%), and support for operating expenses (KRW 1.2 billion for establishment reserve, KRW 1 billion for initial operating cost per year for four years).
Support for Launching Foreign
Educational Institutions’ Satellite Campus
and International Schools
With four schools currently operating in Jeju Global Education City, the city plans to open three more schools to support foreign investors’ residential conditions in Jeju and create a global urban environment with differentiated international competitiveness. The following benefits are offered to any satellite campus of Foreign Educational Institutions or International Schools established and operating in Jeju.