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Jeju-Mr. Mikl signed an investment contract to revitalize local economy

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According to Newsis,

Jeju Island announced the signing of an investment agreement between a dairy products manufacturer Mr. Milk and the local authorities on Mar. 4.

Organic dairy products maker, Mr. Milk, headquartered in Seoul since last 2014, is planning to make a KRW 3.2 billion in Jeju farmland to scale up the production capacity, hiring 25 more local employees to work with.

Debuting a premium line of products, which well embodies clean, beautiful imagery on Jeju and its signature brand, Isidoremilk, the investment project is now in the spotlight as it’s estimated to contribute a lot to local employment through HR training to produce high quality cheese and icecream.

An official said “The contract is a remarkable achievement we made amid the horrible coronavirus pandemics, helping all the community members gain momentum to kickstart efforts to boost local economy.”

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Source: Yonhap News (Mar. 4 , 2020)