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North Jeolla Province is located closer than you think.

Best investment destination for foreign companies

North Jeolla Province is located in the nearest proximity to China-only 500 km away from the world's largest market. It is also a neighbor of other nearby large markets including China, Japan and Russia.

Almost 60 cities with over 1 million population including China's Shanghai and Chengdu, Japan's Tokyo and Russia's Vladivostok can be reached within the distance of a two-hr flight.

In addition, it is positioned in the core area to reach any place in Korea within a half a day. Therefore, it is a geographically beneficial area, making it suitable as a business hub of Northeast Asia.

Best Transportation Environment

North Jeolla Province is located in the nearest proximity to China and has a deep water port that large ships can access. In addition, it offers an optimized business environment where an excellent transportation infrastructure is built including airport, roads and railroads.

You can get anywhere in the country within half a day from the province. It boasts an optimal transportation environment with four railroad lines including KTX, ports and airpots as well as eight exxpressways connecting the North, South, East and West.

  • Expressway
    Honam, Seohaean, 88 Olympic
    Daejeon↔Tongyeong, Iksan↔Jangsu, Gochang↔Damyang, Jeonju↔Gwangyang, Saemangeum↔Jeonju (underway)

  • Railroad
    KTX, Honam line, Jeolla line, Janghang line
    Honam line: Seoul↔Iksan↔Mokpo
    Jeolla line: Seoul↔Iksan↔Jeonju↔Yeosu
    Janghang line: Seoul↔Cheonan↔Janghang↔Gunsan↔Iksan
    Saemangeum↔Gunsan↔Iksan (under construction)

  • Seaport
    Gunsan Port: 28 ships, Saemangeum New Port: 18 ships, Dangjin Port: 36 ships, Gwangyang Port: 78 ships
    ㆍSaemangeum New Port (under construction)
    Average depth: 20~45 m (the deepest in Korea), annual cargo volume 80 million tons
    ㆍThe nearest port from Gunsan and China
    (Unit, km)
    Gunsan Incheon Pyeongtaek Gwangyang Busan
    Shanghai 684 832 886 750 887
    Chengdu 558 624 576 783 889

  • Airport
    Gunsan Airport (downtwon area), Muan International Airport (1hr 30mins),Cheongju International Airport (1hr 30mins),Incheon International Airport (2hrs 30mins), Saemangeum international airport (underway)



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