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Taean-gun to pursue mid-and long-term plans to be a hub of future marine tourism

According to Yonhap News,

Teangun, Chungnam-do is to actively push for mid-to long-term plans to create marine leisure tourist destination by developing Garorim Bay marine park and Yeongmok Port national fishing port.

Taean-gun announced on October 13 that it will focus on promoting mid-to long-term projects to nurture the region's new tourism growth projects, such as creation of Garorim Bay marine park, developing the Yeongmok port as a national fishing port, and designation of the Gyeokryeolbi Yeoldo as a coastal port under national management.

The project to create Garorim Bay marine park will be developed by 2030 to foster the new marine industry and systematically manage the marine ecosystem.

Around Garorim Bay, the educational facilities for marine environment and tidal flat ecology, nature-friendly marine healing facilities, lighthouse garden, and a natural flat tidal and wetland experience center will be built.

It was selected as a project for preliminary feasibility study by the Ministry of Economy and Finance in December 2019, and the commissioned research was finished in June this year in preparation for the feasibility study. The total project cost is KRW 244.8 billion. When it passes the feasibility study this year, Taean-gun plans to embark on the project in earnest by establishing a basic plan and commencing construction.

Taean-gun expects that once the project of creating a marine garden is finished, Garorim Bay, which is blessed with natural environment, will establish itself as a base for domestic marine eco-tourism.

Yeongmok Port, Gonam-myeon, newly designated as a national fishing port on September 1, is attracting attention as it emerges as a new gateway to Taean-gun upon the complete opening of National Road 77 between Taean and Boryeong.

Taean-gun plans to nurture the Yeongmok Port as a new pillar for revitalization of Taean's Southern economy and a leading port of the West coast.

The government plans to build breakwater, seawall, and lighter's wharf by spending national funding of KRW 37 billion from next year to 2028.

Taean-gun plans to build a tourism infrastructure by locating functional facilities for fisheries to the north and other functional facilities to the south of fish market, revitalizing water-friendly functions and sales of seafood.

When the revision of the Enforcement Decree of the Port Act is completed in the first half of next year, it is expected that Korea's westernmost island Gyeokryeolbi Yeoldo will be newly designated as a coastal port under national management.

If the designation of coastal port is made, it will become possible to systematically manage the waters nearby, with increasing tourism demand, thereby contributing to revitalizing local economy.

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Source: Yonhap News (October 13, 2021)

** This article was translated from Korean.