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Governor's Message

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South Chungcheong Province (Chungnam) is
premier investment destination
guaranteed by
the Korean government.
Located in the heart of Korea
And businessmen are the most
A good place to do business
The best place for investment
At the center of the Korean Peninsula, Chungnam is emerging as a major hub of transportation, logistics and economy with the most dynamic industrial activity and economic growth.
In addition, our excellent social overhead capital facilities, easy access to human resources, reasonable land prices and stable supply of electricity and industrial water make many businesses select Chungnam as one of the most business-friendly investment destinations.
We have been focusing on creating synergy effects between our existing four major projects including display, steel, automotive and petrochemical and the renewable energy industry including solar cell and secondary battery, in a move to cultivate industries. We are doing our best to help world-renowned companies in these sectors do operation in Chungnam in a stable and successful manner.
We will also continue our efforts to support the localization of companies to maintain their sustainable growth. We will spare no efforts in addressing your complaints and grievances at the worksite.
I urge you, investors,
to start your business in Chungnam, a premier investment designation guaranteed by the Korean government.
We will be your reliable partner on your journey to do business in Korea.
Chungcheongnam-do Governor