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Duties & Responsibilities

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Duties & Responsibilities : Position, Name, Tel(+82-41-635), Duties and Responsibilities
Name Tel
Duties and Responsibilities
Office of Economic Affairs, Chief Director Kim Seog-pil 2200 General management of Office of Economic Affairs
Investment Site Division, Director Lee Young-seok 2230 Supervises the general affairs of investment and sites
Investment Policy Team Manager Lee Man-Ho 3371 Supervises the general affairs of investment policies
Officer Choi Jin-seok 3381 Handles major business reports and establishes investment promotion policies
Lee Eun-ah 3382 Handles investment promotion activities, budget & accounting
Park Ji-eun 2231 Handles budget, accounting and other expenses
Foreign Capital Promotion Team Manager Kim Young-rang 3372 Supervises the general affairs of investment promotion atctivities
Officer Shin Doo-chul 3384 Establish the basic plans for foreign investment zones(FIZ), Individual FIZ development & management
Kim Jae-jin 3385 Clusterized FIZ development & management
Seo Geum-soon 3386 Manages the subsidies for foreign companies
Kang Yu-seok 2232 Residency status management in foreign investment zones(FIZ)
Corporate Promotion Team Manager Yi Hui-cheol 3373 Supervises the general affairs of corporate promotion
Officer Lee Jeong-hoon 3388 Provides corporate promotion consultations and supports subsidies
Kim Jin-sook 3389 Manages the settlement and follow-up of subsidy-supported business
Shin Kuk-sang 2235 Handles corporate promotion, workshops and promotional activities
Industrial site planning team manager Jeong Won-sun 3374 General management of industrial cluster site planning
Officer Cho Jeong-hee 3391 Site planning & industrial cluster development
Lee Hyun-woo 3392 Defense industry cluster development planning
Kim Seo-hyeong 2233 Statutory improvement for local industrial cluster develpment
Industrial cluster development team manager Cho Jin-wung 3375 ㅇ General management of industrial cluster development
Officer Jo Jae-heung 3394 National industrial cluster development
Yang Jeong-ho 3395 Develops high-tech industrial complex
Shin Seon-geun 3396 Supports the infrastructure for industrial complexes (industrial water)
Park Kyeong-su 2236 Industrial cluster infra-development (Road grading, cultural heritage research work etc.)
Industrial cluster management team manager Sim Ju Taek 3376 General management of industrial & agro cluster
Officer Choi Hun-kyu 3398 Cluster planning support work to develop workplace wellness
Lim Byeong-gyu 2234 Predeveloped cluster management & advancement, Industrial & agro cluster development and biz- plan approval