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Korea's FTA Status

우리나라 FTA 추진개황 이미지
  • 발효(11건)

    In effect (15 agreements)     Chile, Singapore, EFTA (4 countries), ASEAN (10 countries), India, EU (28 countries), Peru, USA, Turkey, Canada, Australia, China, New Zealand, Vietnam and Colombia

  • 타결(4건)

    Concluded (1 agreement) Central America (6 countries)

  • 협상중(6건)

    Underway (4 agreements) Korea–China–Japan, RCEP, Ecuador SECA, Israel

  • 협상준비

    Resumed (4 agreements)Mexico, GCC, MERCOSUR, EAEU

  • *SOURCE : Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (as of July 2018)

Overview of Korea’s FTA Implementation
Status Country Implementation Process Significance
(4 agreements)
Korea– China–Japan
  • 2003–2009 Private joint study
  • May 2010–Dec. 2011 Joint study involving the government, business sector, and academia
  • May 2012 Launching of FTA Negotiation within the year agreed in the trilateral summit meeting
  • Nov. 20, 2012 Launching of FTA negotiation announced
  • Five rounds of negotiations held (Mar., Jul.~Aug., Nov., 2013 / Mar., Sep., 2014)
  • Five rounds of working-level discussions conducted (Nov. 2014 / Apr., Jul., Dec., 2015 / Apr. 2016)
  • Five rounds of senior official meetings held (Jan., May, Sep., 2015 / Jan., Jun., 2016)
Foundation for the Northeast Asian economic integration
  • Nov. 2011 RCEP implementation plan proposed by ASEAN
  • Nov. 20, 2012 Launching of negotiation announced in East Asian Summit
  • 13 rounds of negotiations held (May, Sep., 2013 / Jan., Mar.~Apr., Jun., Dec., 2014 / Feb., Jun., Aug., Oct., 2015 / Feb., Apr., Jun., 2016)
  • (*RCEP: Korea, China, Japan, Austrailia, New Zealand, ASEAN)
Contribution to economic integration of East Asia



  • Apr. 2012 Feasibility study agreed at the meeting between Korea's trade minister and Ecuador's trade vice-minister
  • Sep. 2012~ Jun. 2013 Private joint research conducted
  • Feb. 2015 Korea-Ecuador TA review meeting held
  • Apr. 2015 Public hearing for Korea-Ecuador TA 
  • Aug. 25, 2015 Negotiations for Korea-Ecuador SECA agreement announced (Seoul), preliminary negotiation held in Dec (New York)
  • Two rounds of negotiations held (Jan., Mar 2016)
Resource-rich country, bridegehead for the Central American market
  • Aug. 2009 Private joint research launched 
  • Aug. 2010 Private joint research completed
  • May 2016 Launching of FTA negotiation agreed
  • Jun 2016 First negotiation held
Strategic market for Western Middle East area


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