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Invest Korea Plaza

Invest Korea Plaza (IKP) is Korea's first exclusive business incubation center.

About IKP

Invest Korea Plaza (IKP) is Korea’s first business incubation center and investment support facility for foreign investors.
IKP is located in Seoul, the business hub of Northeast Asia. About 40 foreign-invested companies rent offices at IKP every year to receive one-stop service, including everything from administrative support to business consultations.
The experts at IKP, who specialize in a variety of sectors including law, accounting, tax, customs, visa, labor and industrial sites, offer services including foreign investment-related consultations, investment notification and grievance resolution.
IKP also provides serviced offices, business lounges, video conference rooms and a shower and sleeping lounge to maximize convenience for foreign investors.


Eligibility criteria for IKP office space

Eligibility Criteria for IKP Office Space
01. Eligibility criteria
Foreign-invested companies
  • Companies that have already completed investment transaction: Those who have completed the foreign investment notification process pursuant to the procedures provided under the provisions of the Foreign Investment Promotion Act for a planned investment of which the arrived amount is over USD 100,000 within 1 year of move-in.
  • Companies planning to notify investment: Those who expect to report investment  of which the arrived amount is over USD 100,000 within 1 year of move-in.

Non qualified businesses include;

1. Small scale lending institutions

2. Accommodation and restaurant business (except hotel business and condominium management)

3. Travel agencies and real estate leasing service and brokerage agencies

4. Simple service business (beauty, retail or wholesale, language institutes, brokers, etc.)

5. Trading and vending business (except establishment of hypermarket)

Related organizations and business support center
  • Related organizations and business support.
  • Law, accounting and consulting firms, banks, travel agencies, etc.
02. Required documents
Foreign-invested companies

Potential foreign investors

  • IKP application form
  • Investment notification form
  • Recommendation form from overseas offices
    and project managers

Exisitng foreign investors

  • FDI registration certificate
  • Investment notification form
  • Copy of business registration certificate
Related organizations and business support center
  • IKP application form and business plan
  • Copy of business registration certificate (corporation or individual)
03. Lease contract period
Foreign-invested companies

up to 5 ~ 10 years if the requirements set out are fully satisfied

(can be extended by the year)

04. Deposit & rental fee
Foreign-invested companies
  • Deposit: 6 months of rental fee is required in advance
  • Monthly rent: KRW 33,000/㎡ (including VAT)
Related organizations and business support center
  • Please contact the IKP office for more information.


* For more information: Tel 02-3497-1000, Fax 02-3497-1616, e-mail: ikp@kotra.or.kr

IKP conference room booking

IKP conference rooms and booking rates
IKP conference rooms and lease rates
Conference room Floor Seating capacity Area (㎡) Rates (VAT included, unit: KRW)






(all day)

Per hour
IKP 9F Conference room 9th 40 181.6㎡ 440,000 550,000 880,000 154,000
IKP 6F Conference room 6th 30 76.2㎡ 275,000 385,000 550,000 99,000
IKP 3F Conference room A 3rd 80 207.14㎡ 440,000 550,000 880,000 154,000
IKP 3F Conference room B 3rd 30 79.6㎡ 330,000 385,000 550,000 110,000
IKP 1F Conference room 1st 80 233.68㎡ 440,000 550,000 880,000 154,000


* Additional international call charges may apply for video conference rooms


Overtime charges
Overtime charges
Overtime charges Hourly rates apply
Parking Free parking for up to 3 vehicles per conference room


  • Hours : Mon.thru Fri.: 9:00-18:00 (lunch break: 12:00-13:00)
  • FAX : (82-2)3497-1616
  • Email : ikp@kotra.or.kr
  • Address : IKP 4F., 7 Heolleung-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Language spoken : English, Korean

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