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Intro to Invest Korea

Invest KOREA provides the best system for successful investment by communicating 
with foreign investors in real time and sharing information.

Invest KOREA

Invest KOREA (IK), Korea's national investment promotion agency, was established as part of the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) to support the entry and establishment of foreign businesses in Korea.
We provide comprehensive services for foreign businesses, including consultations, assistance with investment notification and corporate establishment, support for business activities in Korea and grievance resolution.
Invest KOREA also holds various investment promotion activities abroad.

Korea's FDI promotion regime

Our staff includes KOTRA employees, specialists and seconded officials from government ministries and agencies,
and we work closely with our network of 36 overseas investment-focused offices. Invest KOREA implements foreign investment policies formulated by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy and the Foreign Investment Committee.

  • Korea's Investment Promotion System
  • Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy
    (Policy making)
  • Foreign Investment Committee
    (Policy coordination)
    • Local governments
    • KOTRA / IK
      (Policy implementation)
    • Relevant agencies / FEZ
  • Overseas Network
  • Headquarters
  • Targeting
  • Identifying
  • Investment
  • Business
  • Post-investment

Overseas FDI network

Invest KOREA has 36 overseas offices and 64 investment-promotion specialists around the world to attract more investment. The overseas offices provide information on Korea’s investment environment to potential foreign investors and carry out various investment promotion activities, including investor relations sessions.


  • HISTORY ~1998
  • 2015.1

    Foreign Investment Ombudsman oversees the Investment Aftercare Division

  • 2012.2

    Foreign Investor Support Office opens

  • 2010.8

    The function of research is added to
    Invest KOREA's mission

  • 2003.12

    The KISC is re-launched as Invest KOREA

  • 1999.10

    Office of the Foreign Investment Ombudsman opens

  • 1998.7

    The Korea Investment Service Center (KISC) is
    established at KOTRA.

  • 1998.4

    The government designated KOTRA as the national investment promotion agency of Korea.

  • 1995.8

    KOTRA added supporting function for attracting foreign investment

  • 2009

    Invest KOREA ranked 1st among APEC countries
    for investment promotion websites by the Foreign
    Investment Advisory Service under the World Bank.

  • 2006.11

    Invest Korea Plaza,
    a foreign business incubation center, opens