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R&D Policies

In a bid to vitalize the economy and improve the quality of people's lives, the Korean government strives to accomplish three major R&D investment goals  -
leading economic innovation, realizing people’s happiness and strengthening 
innovation through science and technology.

Policy direction

The R&D direction and key investment sectors of the Korean government

Basic direction and goals

Basic direction

  • Strategic R&D investment to create future growth engine
  • Strengthen R&D to solve social issues
  • Expand support for creative research to achieve growth through innovation


  • Economic innovation through science
    and technology
12 Key Investment Directions in
4 Fields
Establishment of creative research environment
  • Basic research led by researchers
  • Human-oriented research ecosystem
  • Link to public demand and regulation improvement
Enhancing quality of people's lives
  • R&D of disaster and catastrophe based on prevention
  • Enhancement of public health and benefits
  • Securing social sustainability
Acceleration of innovative growth prepared for the future
  • R&D responding to the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • R&D of new market and new industry
  • R&D for the enhancement of industrial competitiveness
Creating high quality jobs based on science technology
  • Establishment of an ecosystem for R&D jobs
  • Job creation in new technology and new service industry
  • Nurturing creative convergent human resources for the future
Innovating investment system
  • Introduction of packaged R&D investment platform

    Efficient R&D investment

    Restructuring R&D support system

*Source: The Ministry of Science and ICT and the Ministry of Economy and Finance