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Transportation cards

One card allows you access to all forms of public transportation throughout Korea.

T-money (prepaid transportation cards)

The T-Money card is a non-contact smart card. Its embedded CPU computes the user's transportation service fares based on the distance travelled, unlike the existing memory card. This card can be easily purchased or refilled and may be used for all modes of public transportation or related facilities. This card comes in many different forms and styles such as cell phone charms, wrist watches and character goods. Don't forget to top up the balance before it is totally exhausted. Note that maintaining a certain balance is advisable as transfer discounts will not apply if the T-Money card does not have a sufficient balance.

Post-paid transportation cards

While the T-Money card is basically a pre-charged or prepaid card, transportation fees can be charged directly to your credit card statement by adding a post-paid transportation card function to your credit card. Note that the post-paid transportation card function can only be used when added to credit cards. The regular T-Money card is handy for transportations service users who prefer prepaid services.

Lena Kim Executive Consultant