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See the Unseen Tempus! See the Invisible

About us

  • Focused on optical sensor development for 20 years from image sensor to infrared spectroscopic sensor
  • Supplied 7 million sensor modules to domestic and foreign thermometer companies in response to COVID-19 in 2020
  • Developed infrared sensor source element and module technology (in-house developed thermopile, driving circuit, and correction equipment)
  • Registered 35 patents, of which 15 patents were used to obtain FDA approval and Korean Food and Drug Administration approval for 30 cm distance non-face-to-face thermometer
  • Future plans to expand to the global market by making differentiated medical and environmental products based on original sensor technology
Tempus factory
템퍼스 공장

About us

Tempus is primarily focusing on “Thermopile,” an infrared spectroscopic sensor element. Thermopile has been mainly applied to precise temperature measurement such as body temperature and optical gas measurement. Tempus is ushering in the era of a new infrared spectroscopic sensor by differently applying materials of the thermopile thin film, expanding it to multiple channels (4,800 channels), and developing its own spectroscopic technology.

Background of development

Tempus was established with members of Silicon File Co., Ltd., who have been developing image sensors since 2002. An image sensor is a semiconductor device that detects visible light that the human eye can see. CMOS technology applied to digital cameras is implemented in small, cheap, and excellent quality, and is now being installed in all mobile phones, automobiles, and surveillance cameras. After Silicon File was listed on the KOSDAQ and merged with large corporations, Tempus members established Tempus to develop infrared sensors with higher added value. We have been accumulating technology development for 10 years since 2010, predicting that invisible infrared technology will grow into a key element in the safety, medical, and environmental fields in the future.

Introduction to technology and products

The Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI), an accredited institution in Korea, evaluated Tempus Thermopile as five times superior in sensitivity compared to overseas competitor products. Tempus has acquired a total of 35 patents related to sensors, including thermopile. Tempus thermopile received a lot of attention after the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020. As COVID-19 spreads around the world, the demand for non-contact thermometers and non-face-to-face thermometers, which must be equipped with a thermopile, has increased exponentially. In 2020, we sold over 7 million thermopile-applied temperature sensor modules at home and abroad. As a result, sales from only KRW 500 million in 2019 increased to more than KRW 12 billion in 2020, recording a profit for the first time since the company’s establishment.

In 2021, we developed a non-face-to-face thermometer, Tempy Air, and registered it with the FDA and received approval from the KFDA. Tempy Air, a non-face-to-face thermometer that measures body temperature at the entrance of buildings, schools, and shops without a separate custodian, has achieved innovation in price and quality by developing everything from sensors to driving circuits, modules, calibration equipment, and finished products.

Product roadmap

Following the non-face-to-face thermometer, Tempus is planning to release a non-invasive glucose sensor that measures blood sugar without drawing blood, an optical IR spectral sensor, an optical e-nose, and an optical decomposition sensor one after another. In particular, we plan to release a 4800-pixel thermal image sensor module using thermopile technology within this year.

Future plans

Tempus plans to expand its business areas to differentiated medical devices, environmental devices, and safety devices based on original device technology. In addition, Tempus is in the process of being listed on the KOSDAQ in 2022 with Kiwoom Securities as the host.
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