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Autonomous a2z, a Full-Stack Autonomous Vehicle Developer

About the company

Autonomous a2z specializes in autonomous driving and is leading the R&D of self-driving cars with its own solution. Since its establishment in 2018, Autonomous a2z has been committed to demonstrating the feasibility of autonomous driving with its a2z Solution developed to determine the most optimal driving strategy based on a full-stack algorithm.


The completion of technologies for full self-driving and the opening of an autonomous driving market for passenger cars are expected to require an excessive amount of time. Therefore, a2z is expected to accelerate the commercialization of autonomous vehicles focused on low-speed special-purpose vehicles operating in limited areas.

Based on its strength as a startup, Autonomous a2z is leading the effort to commercialize autonomous vehicles by leveraging the characteristics of special-purpose vehicles that generally resort to small quantity batch.

About the product and/or technology

■ a2z Solution

a2z is an autonomous driving solution that depends on a single algorithm for perceiving, determining and controlling autonomous driving.

■ TAS(Test Automation Solution)

The Test Automation Solution (TAS) enables unmanned and automated tests conducted in driving test tracks under extreme conditions. Multiple cars fitted with TAS can be tested by a minimum number of testers, and the test results are also faster and more accurate.

■ LiDAR Infra System

The LiDAR Infra System can provide a wide range of traffic services by perceiving mobile and stationary objects in real time with each LiDAR sensor installed on an intersection and by combining the data with pre-precision maps. Road traffic will be safer with the LiDAR Infra System.

Competitive edge and business strategy

  • Autonomous a2z has the experience of having performed various on-road demonstrations with more than twenty of its autonomous driving platforms divided into eight types
  • The world’s seventh longest demonstration distance
  • More than 40% of employees have OEM-related work experience
  • Launched Korea’s first fee-based driving service
  • ISO9001 certification planned

Future plans

Autonomous driving platform development plan
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