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V-memory, Next-generation Memory that is a Million Times Faster

About the Company

V-memory Corp. has developed next-generation semiconductor memory technology compatible with 6G and 7G. Produced with new materials and device structure, V-memory’s products provide a speed that is a million times faster than existing flash memory, semi-permanent read-write lifespan and data retention, and low-power operation to lead the future of the semiconductor industry.


The semiconductor industry is overcoming technological limitations by developing smaller and faster devices through constant innovation. Given the limitations of existing flash memory devices—a speed of 1ms, read-write operations limited to 100,000 times and a data retention lifespan of five years—the world needs next-generation devices catering to the future society driven by AI and big data. V-memory Corp. has verified its ability to provide viable next-generation semiconductor memory that can overcome these limitations.

About the Product and/or Technology

V-memory can reduce the production cost by dramatically simplifying the existing flash memory production process. Its semiconductor memory stores data by applying threshold gate voltage on a domain called VL. The mechanism provides a speed that is a million times faster than existing devices, semi-permanent read-write lifespan, and low-power operation.

Competitive Edge and Business strategy

V-memory aims to contribute to the next-generation memory industry with the world-class competitiveness of its semiconductor memory. Based on V-memory’s technology, more than 60 patents have been registered and applied in the US, China, Japan, Europe, and PCT as well as in South Korea. V-memory successfully attracted an investment of USD 20 million to produce not just unit devices but wafer-scale memory devices, and it is working towards building devices that can replace DRAM and flash memory. V-memory plans to manufacture GPU and CPU-grade devices by attracting an additional investment of USD 100 million and to transfer and license its technologies and patents to memory manufacturers.

Future Plans

V-memory plans to register and apply for more than 555 patents by further strengthening its main patents. V-memory aims to attract an investment of USD 100 million and win a market worth more than USD 40 billion in 10 years by strengthening its business based on the technological edge and key patents.
V-memory’s estimated operating profit
V-memory’s estimated operating profit
Early Middle-term 6G Service Long-term
TIME LINE Start ~ +3Y +4Y ~ +7Y +8Y ~ +10Y
V-memory Marketshare (USD billions) ~8.6 ~146 ~400
Technology Fee (USD billions) 0.86 10.2 20
V-memory CHIP share (USD billions) 0.27 75.1 285.5
Total sales (USD billions) 1.1 85.4 305.5
R&D investment Cost (USD billions) 0.17 12.8 45.8
Operating Income fee (USD billions) 0.79 38.2 130.2
Corporate value (PER9.0) 5.4 258.1 878.8
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