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Blue Communication, Specialized in Providing Fun and Easy Software Education

About the Company

Established in November 2013, Blue Communication has 167 employees dedicated to software education and providing software and AI learning opportunities under the brand “AsomeIT.”

Blue Communication is improving the quality of education and customer satisfaction by directly providing everything from educational hardware and software, content to education services by considering that existing educational hardware providers, publishers and educational service providers specialize in certain areas and have limitations in providing an overall learning experience.

Company milestones:

  • 2022 : 1000 Innovative Businesses Leading Korea (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. Knowledge service category)
  • 2021 : 2021 Korea AI Awards (IT Chosun)

    Designation and certification as an innovative product (Minister of SMEs and Startups)

    April 2021 Korea Software Awards (SW product category)

    Designation as a software education provider (Minister of Science and ICT)

  • 2020 : Awarded by the government on the 21th Software Industry Day (Minister of Science and ICT)
  • 2019 : Citation from the mayor of Incheon

    Seoul International Invention Fair (Bronze award)

    2019 Seoul Awards: Excellent Product

  • 2018 : Designation as a Hi-Seoul Brand Company (Mayor of Seoul))

    Venture enterprise certification (Korea SMEs and Startups Agency)

  • 2017 :Launching of software coding education brand ”AsomeIT”
  • 2013 : Establishment of Blue Communication


CEO Hee-Yong Jeong of Blue Communication has worked for Micro Software, a monthly magazine for software developers first published in 1983, as a reporter, chief editor and publisher for eleven years before recognizing the importance of software education and developed an education course by refining his software learning experiences with his two sons.

Blue Communication’s vision is to create an ecosystem enabling more exciting software learning experiences at reasonable costs for students around the world by providing educational tools and content that help students learn software while having fun, understand the mechanism and develop their creativity, thereby

About the Product and Technology

Software education in its infancy mainly focused on boosting students’ creativity through physical computing (i.e., building hardware and writing codes for its operation), and a physical computing board called “Arduino” was widely used. Compared to specialized devices used for developing electronic products, Arduino is much easier to use and enables simply software development. However, students often find Arduino difficult to learn.

Blue Communication developed AsomeBoard for physical computing to help students readily learn the mechanism and widely apply their knowledge. Based on AsomeBoard, a robot (AsomeBot), a self-driving car (AsomeCar) and an IoT device (AsomeKit) were developed for educational purposes. These educational tools were all verified by the KC Safety Certification, the Electromagnetic Wave Conformity Standard Test, CE and FCC. They were also designated by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups as innovative products and were listed by the Public Procurement Service as preferential purchasing items.
<Photo 1> AsomeIT educational tools: AsomeKit, AsomeBoard, AsomeBot and AsomeCar (left to right) ㈜블루커뮤니케이션
Two types of software (AsomeCode and AsomeBlock) developed for the effective use and learning of these tools received the Good Software (GS) grade 1 certification. Developed before AsomeBlock, AsomeCode received the Korea Software Awards in April 2021 awarded by the Minister of Science and ICT. Blue Communication’s diverse education results, education and the quality of its software technology were widely recognized: in 2021: it won the Tech Credit Bureau T-3 certification and received a citation from the Minister of Science and ICT for its contribution to the development of the software industry. Blue Communication continues to implement diverse education projects at home and abroad. to implement diverse education projects at home and abroad.
<Photo 2> AsomeBlock (AsomeBlock) ㈜블루커뮤니케이션
<Photo 3> AsomeCode (AsomeCode) ㈜블루커뮤니케이션

Competitive Edge and Business Strategy

Established based on leading technologies and rich software education experiences, Blue Communication hosted the 2019 “SW Miraechaeum” program sponsored by the Korean government for the purpose of creating a software education ecosystem and implementing education programs. Through the program, Blue Communication emerged as Korea’s leading software education provider by rapidly widening the basis for software education mainly in Incheon, Ulsan and other major regions.

As it develops the hardware and software needed for education as well as providing education services, Blue Communication can provide an optimized integrated education solution. It is also developing an innovative software education platform on metaverse with the R&D assistance of the Korea Internet and Security Agency.

Based on the rich experiences of having provided learning opportunities in Korea and with its verified software and software and its metaverse-based software education platform expected to open a new era, Blue Communication aims to drive Korea’s education industry by enabling students around the world to readily learn software while having fun and grow as leaders of tomorrow.

Future Plans

Promoting software education by focusing on hardware is riddled with problems. Production costs soar in times like now when manufacturers have troubles procuring parts. Moreover, their products must be certified in each country requiring different sets of standards, and the processes can be very lengthy and costly. After sales service is another obstacle impeding Korean companies from exploring the global market.

We found the solution to these problems in metaverse. Blue Communication is developing a service enabling the user to use a minimum level of hardware and directly run simulation with various robots and IoT devices on the metaverse so that everyone can learn software, IoT, physical computing and AI anytime, anywhere.

To that end, Blue Communication partnered with metaverse specialist Tech Art Group and the Korea Information Certificate Authority Inc. for technology development. Korea’s largest after-school education provider MIRAENEDUPARTNER is assisting the service demonstration process.Blue Communication’s goal is to develop the service before the end of 2022 and to create an environment where students at home and abroad can learn various courses while having fun and share their ideas with friends around the world.

By Hee-Yong Jeong, CEO, Blue Communication Co, Ltd.,

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