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Dividing Container Space without Consuming Natural Resources-SYSPAC SUPPLY CHAIN CO., LTD.

To avoid using expendable packaging such as paper box or wooden crate, Syspac offers a sufficient alternative

Company introduction

SYSPAC SUPPLY CHAIN CO., LTD. was established in 2010 to manufacture, sell, and rent returnable packaging materials when the business model for returnable packaging materials were somewhat unfamiliar in Korea. After two years of development, we developed T-BOX, an innovative packaging material, and have contributed to the development of packaging technology by working with customers in various fields such as the auto parts, secondary battery and aviation industries.
We will continue to develop innovative packaging methods and products, and do our best to provide greater value to our customers' products.

Development Background

Developed in the 20th century, containers have revolutionized logistics in terms of unit handling, consistent transportation, and unloading efficiency, which are all still in use around the world to this day. As a result, the practice of loading bulky and unstructured cargoes into containers has been eliminated, and various packaging materials are now used to pack cargoes in a form that is easy to ship. However, most of the packaging materials used today are corrugated paper or wood, and they are discarded after being used once, which is adversely affecting the environment.

Product introduction

T-BOX is an innovative packaging material that folds with low recovery costs, high rigidity and self-waterproofing, which overwhelms the existing disposable and homogeneous packaging materials in terms of economy and functionality.


T-BOX can be fully folded and recovered at 1/10 after use, making it the best product to reduce logistics costs. It can be used for more than 10 years due to its excellent stiffness and can be repaired and used semi-permanently. Due to multi-stage loading, logistics can be modularized and continuously reused instead of just once, which is excellent for reducing costs.


The existing commercialization strategy is to sell and rent, selling additional products and carry out logistics processes. In the future, we will secure verification and awareness as a packaging business for recovery through existing commercialization strategies and push for full-fledged entry into B2G and B2C markets. We will also build market leadership and business expansion plans by discovering new business models.


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