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157 Youths from 29 Cities Around the World to Join the Jeju Youth Forum

JEJU, Oct. 27 -- From 29 cities around the world, 157 youths will come to Jeju and discuss violence at school, poverty and peace.

Jeju Special Self-Governing Province has invited youths around the world to the 10th Jeju Youth Forum from Oct. 31 to Nov. 4 hosted at Jeju Training Center of the Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives. The event is jointly hosted by Jeju and the Jeju Office of Education and supervised by UNITAR CIFAL Jeju and the provincial office of education. The main theme of this year's youth forum is "Global Responsibilities to Counter Challenges - The Role of Young Global Leaders for Building and Keeping Peace." A total of 157 youths from the world's 29 cities will be engaged in a heated discussion over the theme.

Participants will be divided into eight teams to discuss topics including: school violence; poverty reduction and peace building; ideological extremism and terrorism; and gender and non-violent action.

The organizers said the Youth Forum will serve as an opportunity for the participants to grow into mature global citizens by understanding cultural diversity and building friendship and trust.

In addition to the discussions, various programs such as Peace and Culture Field trip, K-Pop Class and Culture Night were prepared.

The youths of Jeju will be the forum's main program guides and MCs to help participants enjoy the programs prepared at the viewpoint of youths. "Jeju will develop more programs and spare no effort in enabling Jeju, the Island of Peace, to serve as the center of international exchange that helps the next-generation global leaders get closer to fulfilling their dreams," said an official of Jeju government.

Three college departments related to machine parts, satellite technology and satellite information will also be selected and provided with subsidies.

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