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C-ITS to help us come close to the future of mobility

According to Yonhap News,

Jeju Island and the transportation ministry hosted a self-driving car test, showing the latest developments of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) on a five kilometer road near the Jeju International Airport.

C-ITS refers to a system designed to greatly improve safety and efficiency in road transport by enabling communication between vehicles and pre-programed sensors embedded on nearby infrastructures.

The wireless car to car (or ITS sub-systems) data exchange technology allows self-driving vehicles to catch sensor signals and slow down, even when the car is running on the road in poor visibility due to bad weather conditions, large on-road obstacles or sunlight backlit. RideFlux, a self-driving cars software developer, who joined the test driving this time, unveiled a plan to further advance its engineering solutions via C-ITS, while stretching out test sites across the Island.

Meanwhile, the ministry and the local government have steadily stored up information on unexpected road hazards such as illegal parking, driving in reverse gear or jaywalking etc, based upon video footage taken on over 2,000 rental cars running across the Island for the purpose of C-ITS feasibility study since 2018.
It turned out that nearly 83.1 percent of drivers answered the system indeed worked for safe driving while sitting on the road. The study results are soon to come out at the end of this year.

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Source: Yonhap News (Jul 22 , 2020)

** This article was translated from Korean.