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Jeju to invest KRW 3.2 bln in food processing & distribution in 2H

According to Newsis,

Jeju Special Self-Governing Province said on July 25 that it would invest KRW 3.235 billion in food processing and distribution area to secure price competitiveness of agricultural products, generate high added-value, and revitalize local economy.

By project, the province is set to invest in ▲ food industrialization by utilizing local resources (KRW 534 mln) ▲ Display sales and promotion of Jeju agricultural and special products in the capital area (KRW 19 mln) ▲ support logistical cost of agricultural products (2 cases, KRW 1.872 bln) ▲ support joint sorting cost to expand join shipment of agricultural products (KRW 742 mln) ▲ support moderniazation of food processing facilities (KRW 68 mln)

The province is to receive additional applications to select project participants for the food industrialization project and the display sales and promotion in the capital area project by July 29.

An official from the provincial government said, "we will strengthen competitiveness of Jeju's agricultural products and stimulate food processing and distribution by establishing the infrastructure of agricultural product processing and supporting R&D."

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Source: Newsis (July 25, 2021)

** This article was translated from Korean.