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The 3rd Jeju Free International City Comprehensive Plan passed with incidental opinions attached

According to Yonhap News,

The '3rd Jeju Free International City Comprehensive Plan (draft)', the highest statutory plan on Jeju Island, was approved by the Jeju Free International City Comprehensive Plan Deliberation Committee with incidental opinions attached.

Jeju Island announced on August 10 that it held the 5th meeting of the Jeju Free International City Comprehensive Plan Deliberation Committee at the provincial government office on August 9, and passed the 3rd plan with incidental opinions attached such as supplementing the citizens-centered cultural indicators and revitalizing the operation of the odor management center.

Major incidental opinions included are: conducting analysis of the increase in tourists; specifying the direction and core concepts of local traditional culture and art; fostering young farmers; animal welfare in the livestock sector; laying the ground for the globalization of April 3; and expressing concerns about the middle-mountainous ring road project.

In addition, others included are: vitalization of the tourism service industry and nurturing professional manpower in the era of the 4th industrial revolution; supplementing the plan for local residents in the health and medical field; and strengthening cooperation with the Jeju Free International City Development Center (JDC).

The provincial government plans to submit a motion to an extraordinary meeting of the Jeju Provincial Council, to be held from August 26, after conducting supplementary review on the incidental opinions adopted by the Deliberation Committee.

After obtaining the provincial council's consent, the final version of the comprehensive plan will be announced and made public for 14 or more days, and be notified to the relevant agencies (Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Support Committee, Jeju Provincial Office of Education, JDC), and be implemented in earnest from next year.

The 3rd plan, under the banner of 'Jeju, a smart society where people and nature coexist,' revised and supplemented the existing 1st and 2nd plans and reflected Jeju's future vision.

The provincial government plans to proceed with the 3rd plan with a total project expense of KRW 15.723 trillion (KRW 9,231.7 billion for core projects, KRW 6.4 trillion for strategic projects) by 2031.

The eight strategies are 'creating a clean and healthy living space', 'expanding a convenient intelligent infrastructure base', 'reinforcing inclusiveness policies across generations, classes and genders', and 'managing a clean environment and creating attractive landscapes', 'expanding Jeju's industrial base (agriculture, fishery, forestry, tourism, etc.)', 'enhancing innovation capacity of future industries', 'discovering and nurturing world-class cultural and artistic resources', and 'increasing international exchange and improving living conditions for foreigners'.

Main contents of core projects of each strategy are 'creation of smart innovation city', 'clean Jeju tram', 'creation of Jeju-style innovative logistics complex', 'creation of middle-mountain ring road and smart transfer hub', 'global education-specialized city', 'building a welfare delivery system based on one Jeju-type integrated welfare' and 'a project to advance Jeju's medical system', among others.

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Source:Yonhap News (August 10, 2021)

** This article was translated from Korean.