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J-Startup launched in full swing

According to Yonhap News,

Jeju Island and the Jeju Tourism Organization (JTO) said on June 13 that they have launched the '2022 Challenge! J-Startup' -a project to discover Jeju-based tourism startups-after selecting participating companies.

66 companies from in and out of the province applied for the public contest for participating companies. JTO conducted the 1st document screening and 2nd presentation screening, selecting 'Better Than Surf', 'Easy Task', 'Jeju Mini', 'Color Lab Jeju', and 'Blue Factory' (in alphabetical order).

'Better Than Surf' applied for a lifestyle brand development project, for the development of Jeju marine leisure and tourism industry with surfing as the theme; 'Easy Task' applied for Gig job(recruit contractors or temporary workers when needed) matching platform business to work as a digital nomad in connection with workacation; 'Jeju Mini' applied for a platform business that combines digital and tourism resources; 'Color Lab Jeju' applied for a tourism souvenir sales business that captures the sensibility of Jeju's nature and enable your own color-themed tour.

Finally, the 'Blue Factory' applied for a project to revitalize the region's representative tourism products using Jeju's traditional liquor.

JTO plans to supplement their business models and push for market verification through customized consulting to equip them with qualities for Jeju tourism startups over the next four months, following and individual diagnostic consulting.

The company selected this time will be designated as 'J-Startups' - Jeju's flagship tourism start-ups in Jeju - and will receive a total prize of KRW 100 million (up to KRW 50 million won for the first-placed company).

In addition, they will act as joint partners for Jeju's tourism development by signing 3-year agreements with JTO.

JTO's official said, "J-Startup program has selected and fostered innovative and creative companies to promote Jeju's tourism since 2018. We currently have 23 J-startups, who have created 161 jobs, achieved KRW 11 billion in sales, and attracted KRW 5.2 billion cumulatively."

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Source: Yonhap News (June 13, 2022)

** This article was translated from Korean.