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[Newsletter] JIUCC, Linking businesses and people

Jeju Industry-University Convergence Center


“The Jeju Industry-University Convergence Center(JIUCC) links engineering technologies that a company needs and a college specializes in. We, as an intermediary, jointly develop engineering technologies businesses need and set the stage for students to build their capacities and grow as competent talents.”


The pursuit of win-win -- providing a pool of excellent human resources, spearheading technology R&D and new business discovery for companies, and offering practical and customized training and education to universities. This is the role of the Jeju Industry-University Convergence Area, according to Director Lee Nam-ho of the JIUCC.


Students address the pain points of businesses


Lee Nam-ho,
Director of the JIUCC

The Jeju Industry-University Convergence Area was established, where a college campus is housed, and the R&D activities with companies are conducted, creating a virtuous cycle linking the R&D, talent development, and job creation and contributing to the local economy. A case in point is the “Project Lab.” The Project Lab is a kind of problem-solving class operating on a small scale - a company presents a topic, and interested students get training on the subject and undertake problem-solving activities related to it. The Project Lab 2021 was participated in by 22 local ICT and BT companies and joined by faculty members and students of Jeju National University and Jeju Tourism University.


The JIUCC hosted the Skin Research Center for the first time in Jeju, and has been sharing its test results for ingredient analysis, whitening, and wrinkle care, contributing to the enhancement of corporate competitiveness of the small and medium-sized companies in Jeju.


“The industry-academia cooperation to promote corporate problem-solving and quality employment makes both businesses and students happy. Companies can take advantage of an excellent pool of talents, and students who do not want to leave for jobs can stay and work in Jeju. It is “people and space” that a company needs the most. The JIUCC serves the corporate needs very well, which is a practical help for a business.”


The optimal location for a successful industry-academia cluster


The JIUCC has many research institutions and education institutions within a 2km radius and administrative and transportation facilities within a 10km radius.


Direct Lee mentioned one of the best things about the JIUCC is its location. “Success of a cluster begins with it the pursuit of a common goal and the close proximity of its tenants. Silicon Valley is a prime example. In the same vein, the JIUCC is optimally located to be a successful industrial-academia cluster. The Jeju National University, the Bio Convergence Center, and the Digital Convergence Center at the Jeju TECHNOPARK, Jeju Innovation Growth Center, and the Jeju Office of Korea Institute of Industrial Technology are located less than 2km away. Furthermore, the administrative and transportation infrastructure, including the provincial government building, the city hall, the Jeju International Airport, and the Jeju Port, are within a 10km radius. So the JIUCC is optimally located to converge businesses and universities.”


Tenants of Industry Research Center at JIUCC

Eligible Tenants


Clean health food, cosmetics and beauty-related


Culture content, smart grid, new energy


(Preliminary) start-ups, corporate research centers


· Grant additional scores in selecting JIUCC-sponsored projects (industry-academia projects, R&D, non-R&D)
· Support marketing and PR, and staff capacity development (training)
· Support the industry-academia network, including industry-specific associations
· Provide chances to join JIUCC-organized programs and seminars
· Provide recruiting opportunities
· Open seminar rooms and meeting rooms


2 years (Extendable up to 10 years based on evaluation)


The Advanced Campus of JNU located in the JIUCC hosts three departments of JNU (Computer Engineering, Food Science and Nutrition, Chemistry and Cosmetics), and one department of Jeju Tourism University (Multimedia Game), and the Industry Research Center hosts 21 ICT (IT, electrical and electronics) and BT (food, cosmetics, medicine) players and research companies. These companies and education institutions gathered and came into bloom during the pandemic times. As a result, the local industry landscape, which has been concentrated on the primary and the tertiary businesses, is now populated by new businesses of ICT, IoT, blockchain, and metaverse, accomplishing cross-sector convergence and stronger competitiveness.


Campus Open to the Future


Director Lee Nam-ho stresses that research and education are the keys to the JIUCC. In order to nurture cosmetics companies in Jeju, which is rich and clean in natural resources and environments, the Skin Research Center was founded at the initiative of a public institution for the first time in Jeju. The Center conducts clinical dermatological tests for effectiveness, safety, functional assessment, and in-vitro efficacy enabled by a wide range of clinical test equipment, helping the local small and medium-sized companies grow their competitiveness in the market. Students can also benefit from the cutting-edge education covering AI, metaverse, and blockchain. That’s why the JIUCC is mentioned as a basecamp for leading the 4th industrial revolution in such areas as ICT and cosmetics.


“The more pioneers who blaze a trail into the future with their original ideas there are, the brighter a future it becomes. The JIUCC aspires to be an open campus for employees and job seekers, including students, who want a future-oriented advanced science and engineering education. The Center welcomes anyone who wants to build their capacity and improve their expertise as a learning place staying open all year around.”



One-on-one consulting for local companies


Basic training


Signing of an MOU for training and job creation


Online academy for job seekers and start-up aspirants.