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[Newsletter] It's Now the Era of Chlorine Dioxide!


We've been living through COVID-19 for two years now. Sterilization and disinfection have become a part of our daily life. But how do we know that the virus and germs are completely gone when they are not visible? And which product on the market will be truly effective? Wouldn't it be harmful to our bodies?


To everyone who has had that thought at least once, TRINITY Co., Ltd. might be your answer. TRINITY is a disinfectant producer established by three specialists in each area in 2019. It was chlorine dioxide that brought the three people together from different fields of business, distribution, and R&D. It is an oxygen-based disinfectant and deodorant made with chemical substances. However, the gas dissipates naturally and does not produce byproducts that emit toxic substances.


Perhaps a World Changer


CEO Hong Jong-Jin of TRINITI Co., Ltd.

Not many have taken an interest in chlorine dioxide yet, but CEO Hong Jong-Jin was confident. "An era of chlorine dioxide will come," he said.


When I discovered a chemical called chlorine dioxide, I thought it might change the world. Chloride dioxide exists in liquid and gaseous form. The gas form is 350-360 times more potent than the liquid form from a disinfection perspective. However, the issue is that there is no technology in the world that can store gas for a long time."


Chlorine dioxide in gaseous form occurs when sodium chlorite meets citric acid. The key is how to combine them. In liquid form, the reaction is rapid and strong but dissipates just as quickly. After thinking about how to keep the gas for a longer time, three specialists came up with a red algae species in Jeju called "gelidium amansii."


'We first attempted to trap the gas with gelatin. However, chlorine dioxide was unable to penetrate the gelatin. So then we thought of using gelidium amansii, which is used for making jellies and agar. It was the answer. The chlorine dioxide gas could go through the substance, and it didn't dissipate so quickly."


Rich in elements including minerals, iodine, and potassium, gelidium amansii produced in Jeju has been used as an ingredient for various foods from a long time ago. In addition, it has recently been used in cosmetic products like cream. Even though it is more expensive than gelatin, the quality of gelidium amansii grown in Jeju, which takes up 80% of production nationwide, was exceptional. Moreover, TRINITY's technologies that have slowed the release of chlorine dioxide using slimy gelidium amansii produced in Jeju have received several patents and good test results, proving its effectiveness.


The product, containing citric acid balls made of gelidium amansii and sodium chlorite gel, only needs to be placed in places where sterilization and deodorization are required. Also, as it is not a liquid-type spray but a gas generator, its biggest advantage is that it can kill more than 99% of viruses and germs floating in the air. Also, the amount of chlorine dioxide released exceeds other products and can be used in several ways as the amount released can be controlled.


Other countries have started to pay attention to TRINITY's chlorine dioxide technology. In addition to its powerful disinfectant and deodorant effect, a recent test result revealed that the technology effectively kills 99.6% of the COVID-19 virus. "A medical company was planning to use our technology in their machine to accelerate the spread or apply it to a service robot that emits gas," said CEO Hong. "Foreign companies have shown an active interest, and once we complete the safety check of products ordered by sample in Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia, there will be more export cases."


Sanitizing deodorant "TRINITY ZONE"


TRINITY Pursues the Harmony of Nature, People, and Technology


TRINITY's motto is "Protect nature, find answers from nature, and create a better world for nature and people through technology."


As if proving this motto, TINITY's technologies do not harm people or nature, from production to use and later disposal. Used-up products are safe enough to be crushed and thrown into the toilet or buried in flowerpots. In addition, as the company supplies gelidium amansii from Tamra H&B, a company specialized in gelidium amansii, TRINITY can reduce costs and help increase producers' revenues.


As TRINITY ZONE is a powerful deodorant, it effectively reduces bad smells in livestock farms, which has been a pain in the neck in Jeju. Moreover, while there are countless business opportunities related to the company's patented chlorine dioxide technology, TRINITY is aiming for a higher goal.


"If we use the light conversion material and technology, we will be able to make cosmetics that do not require users to apply sunscreen or extend the current 15-year exchange period of solar panels. It will give us greater opportunities in cross-sectional cooperation, including the cosmetics industry and renewable energy," said CEO Hong, introducing the light conversion technology he is currently preparing for a patent. A better world for nature and people to live in is created in TRINITY, where people who bet their future on the belief and potential of chlorine dioxide are brought together.