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Work + Vacation = JEJU


Remote work, or “Worcation (work + vacation),” which boosts work efficiency by doing work and having a nice rest at the same time at a nice vacation site with a beautiful landscape, has begun to take root in several countries.


In Korea, more companies are also adopting “worcation,” centering around those based in the metropolitan area after the COVID-19 outbreak. In particular, Jeju Island, which boasts a splendid natural environment and smart work infrastructure, was chosen as the no. 1 “worcation site” by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). The island was evaluated to have abundant potential as a “worcation site.”
Therefore, Jeju Island will be operating a “worcation” pilot project, “Island Work Labs,” from November 1 to 26.


The “Island Work Labs” will be set up in the downtown area of Seogwipo-si where you can see Saeseom Island and the seashore approximately 43.4 miles away. The local government will be providing an opportunity for executives and staff members of 25 companies, pre-applied, from the metropolitan region to have various enjoyable experiences for 4 weeks.


After the month-long pilot project, Jeju Island will improve supportive aspects necessary for the companies and staff members that have adopted a remote work system, and expand the “worcation” system across the island. Also, the local government will link the system with the facilitation of the local economy, by utilizing idle resources on the island.


While the COVID-19 hasn’t abated yet, if you need to recharge your body and soul after hard work, why not consider Jeju Island? The Island Work Labs is waiting for you.


Island Work Labs built in Seogwipo city