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[Promotional material (printed material)] Travel light in Jeju


Whenever you move to other places, you pack and unpack your stuff. And you are forced to keep driving with no time to enjoy the beautiful sea. Is this sound familiar to you? No more. From now on, a tourist to Jeju can check-in their luggage to accommodation in the Jungmun Tourist Complex first through the self-driving mobility service and get on a coastline shuttle to enjoy and relax.


This pilot project was selected as a model self-driving mobility service project by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport in 2022. The pilot services include △a tourist shuttle service circulating major tourist spots on coastal roads near the Jeju International Airport, △a luggage check-in service between the airport and the Jungmun Tourist Complex, and △a public transportation shuttle service making use of vehicles operating on deficit-making routes.


During the pilot period, six level 3 autonomous vehicles are to be prepared and be put into partial service from October this year, when the infrastructure and the service platforms are expected to be ready. The self-driving cars made for this pilot project will be returned to the government’s control after the completion of the project and be used for other test driving and data collection.


In the meantime, the Jeju government designated the 38.7㎞-long section from the Jeju International Airport to the Jungmun Tourist Complex and the area of 3㎢ within the Jungmun Tourist Complex to be autonomous vehicle zones for pilot operation. From December last year, a self-driving company began the paid self-driving car service in the zones. At present, the service is provided for fun and experience, rather than as a mode of transportation. And two professionally-trained guards are on board just in case.


The Jeju government will develop Jeju into a leading mobility city by validating various self-driving services that its residents and tourists can enjoy.


Jungmun Tourist Complex.