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[Promotional material (printed material)] Green mobility JEJU


Will carbon-emitting cars be obsolete in Jeju? In late June this year, the Jeju government launched a pilot operation of GreeGo(Green+Go), a shared mobility service undertaken as a smart city challenge project.


“GreeGo” is a consolidated transportation platform linking mobility and public transportation. A user can rent and return green mobility vehicles, including an electric bicycle, an electric scooter, an electric motorbike, etc. and check out the public transportation position on a high-precision map through an application. It also provides the best route to a destination by mode of transport, and the luggage storage service.


At present, Green Mobility is available in smart hubs* across Jeju Island, and the service coverage will expand as more Jeju smart hubs are to be added to the map.

*Smart hub: It is part of the Jeju government’s smart city challenge project, which utilizes gas stations, convenience stores, and mega stores as the hubs to supply new and renewable energy and make green mobility publicly available.


The Jeju government is going to continuously improve the GreeGo user experiences for the islanders who use the shared mobility service for a short-distance travel and the visitors who use the buses for tourism in Jeju.


On the other hand, the Jeju government will enhance the serviceability of green mobility, build a smart energy community powered by new and renewable energy, and undertake the smart safety net project built upon the smart hub network until 2022.


And by 2023, the government will establish comprehensive smart hubs to expand the profit models for gas stations near the Jeju International Airport, and launch the “Smart+ Hub,” a brand-new gas station transition model, aiming at addressing different urban problems (related to charging, energy, transportation, etc.).


Screenshots of the ‘GreeGo’ app