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[Promotional material (printed material)] Future Mobility Hub


Jeju signed an MOU with local agencies and businesses to deploy a demonstration platform for an autonomous driving service.


The signatories to the MOU include Jeju Province, Jeju Free International City Development Center(JDC), KAIST Eco-Friendly Smart Vehicle Research Center, Kakao Mobility, and RideFlux.


According to the MOU, a designated zone is to be set up to demonstrate autonomous driving services and pilot driving within Jeju Science park. For this project, each player has its own role to play as follows; the Jeju Province for administration and financing; JDC for planning, financing support, and project management; KAIST Eco-Friendly Smart Vehicle Research Center, for analysis of demonstration data; Kakao Mobility, for development and operation of customer services; and RideFlux, for the operation of autonomous driving service.


The demonstration project, which is a targeted mobility project, engages the autonomous vehicles and the software independently developed by RideFlux, and the technology and the driving capabilities of Kakao Mobility, aiming at ensuring safe mobility of people and objects within the zone.


The Jeju Province plans to start passenger transportation services on autonomous vehicles from October in Jeju Science Park, and expand the service to Jeju National University in 2023, also covering the operation of delivery of goods services.


There was a brief meeting before the MOU signing ceremony, where Jeju Governor Oh Young Hun said, "Let us deliver a future of Korea beginning from here in Jeju, the hub of future mobility," and continued, "Jeju should support the agencies and the businesses related to autonomous vehicles, while attracting promising companies from home and abroad."


MOU Signing Ceremony for Deployment of Demonstration Platform for Autonomous Driving