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[Promotional material (printed material)] JEJU, the land of opportunity, is wide-open to business
JEJU, the land of opportunity, is wide-open to business


"Jeju is an optimal place for the information technology(IT) and bio-technology(BT) and emerges as an innovative and attractive investment destination thanks to the infrastructure for new and renewable energy, future mobility, and green hydrogen ecosystem."


The '2022 Invest In Jeju Seminar' was held in Seoul on October 4, 2022, targeting businesses based in the Seoul metropolitan area. Jeju Governor Oh Young Hun, in the seminar, made a presentation on the business environment and the support system of the Jeju Province, saying, "We will shape Jeju into a business-friendly place, where corporate investments would bear fruits, and the fruits would nurture those companies to take another leap."


The Jeju Province has been directing all its energy to supporting sustainable corporate growth and inviting businesses for local employment creation and to benefit the local communities. Since taking office, Governor Oh has been concentrating his administrative power to reach his goal of attracting 20 listed companies. The efforts seem to be paying off. ChuanQi IP Oc., Ltd. A subsidiary of the WEMADE group, which developed the Legend of Mir, signed the Memorandum of Investment to relocate its headquarters to Jeju, and MetaCNI, a prominent system semiconductor player, also signed the MOU to set up its R&D Center.


The Invest in Jeju Seminar was resumed three years after the hiatus caused by the pandemic and was participated in by over 130 businessmen and women from 80 startups and small & large companies based in metropolitan Seoul. The Jeju Province, Jeju Free International City Development Center, and other stakeholders joined the seminar and presented the Jeju investment environment and the support incentives. In addition, one-on-one tables were prepared for customized investment consultations for participating companies


"Now those in their 20s and 30s, the leading force for the consumption trend and lifestyle changes, don't hesitate to tell their companies that they want to work in Jeju," said Governor Oh. "The clean and beautiful nature of Jeju would stimulate creativity for new developments."


Riding on the wave of modern time and building a business-friendly Jeju, the provincial government will prepare everything to meet the requirements of the employees and the companies. And the efforts would not stop at just attracting companies but continue for the creation of an environment with thorough post-management systems, where Jeju and companies can grow together.


In the meantime, the Jeju Province offers the Jeju worcation opportunity via the worcation office in Seogwipo-si to potential investors. And in December, the potential investment companies which participated in the seminar will be invited to the Jeju pre-investment tour (Fam-Tour). As such, the Jeju Province is committed to supporting business investments in Jeju.


2022 Invest In Jeju Seminar held at the Lotte World Tower in Seoul