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[Promotional material (printed material)] WEMADE meets JEJU


Governor Oh Young-Hun's pledge of 'attracting and nurturing 20 listed companies' is coming true. On September 26, 2022, the Jeju Province signed the memorandum of investment with the WEMADE Group, a representative online game developer and leading global blockchain company. Accordingly, the WEMADE Group will relocate the head office of ChuanQi IP Co., Ltd., one of its subsidiaries, to Jeju and hire around 60 local residents.


The WEMADE Group, the first company to sign an MOU with the Jeju Province after Governor Oh took office, is a mid-sized company with three listed subsidiaries and a leading blockchain company commanding reputation in the online game industry. WEMADE Co., Ltd., the main company of the Group, has been playing a leading role since its foundation in 2002 in the global game market, with a solid demand base in the Korean and Chinese game markets based on the accumulated experience of game development, distribution, and sale.


ChuanQi IP was established in 2017 for the intellectual property (IP) business of the Legend of Mir, the huge hit released by WEMADE, driving the IP business in various areas such as the game, online, web, and the mobile businesses as well as the webtoon, web novel, and animation.


In the signing ceremony, Governor Oh states, ,"This MOU will serve as a momentum for the cultural content, and game industry to take a leap forward as a new driving force. He continued, "We expect the Jeju provincial policy of 'ASEAN plus Alpha' will provide an impetus to the industry as the policy has been promoted to expand its exchanges and cooperation with the ASEAN and the Arab world." He also mentioned, "The government is trying to lay a foundation to expand the worcation in the public and private areas. Furthermore, we continue to improve the living conditions of Jeju as a whole and support the young generations in Jeju to play a central role in the local communities."


A participant in the ceremony from WEMADE said, "WEMADE is trying to shape our workplace free of spatial constraints. We will do our best and cooperate with the Jeju Province to build the island into the cradle of the software business and new blockchain technology, including NFTs."


In the meantime, WEMADE decided to join the worcation program offered by the Jeju Province, targeting potential investment companies. So the members of the subsidiary companies will stay in the worcation office and house in the Seogwipo-si for two weeks, experiencing Jeju life in advance.


The MOU signing ceremony of the WEMADE Group and Jeju Province