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[Newsletter] Do It At Once! From Clinical Trial to Analysis!


The “2021 Regional Industry-Based Smart Specialization Groundwork Project” of the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy has selected the “Establishment Project of Cosmetics Skin Clinical Trial Solution Center,” jointly applied by Jeju Island and the Jeju Industry-University Convergence Center. Henceforth, the island of Jeju will be able to advance the project by injecting a total of 5.8 billion won over the next three years.


Facilities to foster the functional cosmetics industry will be built in the Solution Center, including 1) an online platform for tech support and utilization of equipment for skin clinical trials, 2) assessment tools for cosmetic products’ skin clinical trials, 3) tech support for test and efficacy analysis and prototype production, and 4) programs to train specialists, with support for relevant companies.


Companies in Jeju will be able to receive support for safety assessments necessary for the development of raw material and texture of functional cosmetics once the center is built. As they have been requesting agencies (companies) in other regions for tests and analysis, it is anticipated that they can save much time and expense, significantly boosting the competitiveness of their products.


Beginning with the establishment of the Cosmetics Skin Clinical Trial Solution Center, which will lay out the groundwork for cosmetic products and the customized cosmetics industry, Jeju Island plans to accelerate the establishment of the K-beauty cluster in the region.