Global FTA Platform

Korea is the only Asian economy to have FTAs with all three of the world’s largest markets—the European Union, United States and China.

Korea’s FTA Network

Korea’s global FTA network with 52 partner countries forms the third largest market in the world. Companies from Korea can enter the markets of developed countries by capitalizing on Asia’s strengths.

Korea’s FTA Status

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Trade volume (as of 2018, USD 100 mn)

  • In effectIn effect
    Chile, Singapore, EFTA, ASEAN, India, Peru, USA, Turkey, Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand, Vietnam and Columbia
  • In effectConcluded
    Central America (5 countries)
  • In effectUnderway
    Korea-China-Japan, RCEP, Ecuador SECA, Israel, MERCOSUR, Indonesia CEPA, Philippines, Further liberalization under Korea-ASEAN FTA, Korea-India CEPA upgrade, Korea-Chile FTA upgrade, Subsequent negotiations for Korea-China FTA in service and investment
  • In effectOn the
    Mexico, GCC, EAEU

Source : Korea's Ministry of Trade, Industry and Resources (July 2018)