Customs Clearance/Tariff Reduction, Exemption & Refund

Korea’s taxation system has supported fiscal policies for achieving the central or local governments’ economic development plans. As of October, 2015, the system largely consists of national tax and local tax.

Customs clearance

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Tariff reduction, exemption & refund

Tariff reduction and exemption

There are two types of tariff reduction: unconditional reduction of and/or exemption from taxes based on specific facts, and conditional tariff reduction and exemption in which tariffs are reduced or exempted on condition of specific usage.

Unconditional reduction & exemption

Conditional reduction & exemption

Tariff refund

Tariffs paid or to be paid when importing raw materials for export are drawn back to the exporter or the manufacturer of the exported goods upon export, notwithstanding the Customs Act, etc.

Exports for which export declarations are accepted

Exports subject to refund by a Ministry of Strategy and Finance Ordinance

Raw materials used in the production of goods for export

Raw materials of goods exported in their original imported state

KOREA CUSTOMS SERVICELee Jung CheolSenior Officer

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