Visa/Stay in Korea

Foreigners should obtain a visa at a diplomatic mission abroad in advance in order to enter South Korea. Foreigners are not allowed to violate their visa status and shall stay in Korea within the period of stay permitted.


Korea treats the visa as a consul’s recommendation for a foreigner’s entry request rather than a certificate of permission to enter a country.

Changes to the status of sojourn may be permitted or restricted depending on the applicant’s status of sojourn.

Stay in Korea

A foreigner may stay in Korea within the scope of his/her sojourn status and sojourn period. He/she should obtain the approval of the Minister of Justice to change his/her sojourn by acquiring permission for a change of sojourn status or permission to extend his/her sojourn period. In the case of a birth of a child, he/she should report the birth of a child within 90 days of the date of birth to obtain the approval of the Minister of Justice to stay longer than 91 days.

Procedure for issuance of a business investment (D-8) visa

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Policies for the favorable treatment of foreign investors

Change to Permanent Residence (F-5)

Status (stayed more than 5 years, invested USD 500,000 or more, employed 5 or more Korean nationals

Hiring of Foreign Housekeepers

(invested USD 500,000 or more)

Exclusive Immigration Checkpoint for Foreign Investors

Exclusive Visa-Related Services for Foreign Investors

Exemption from Processing Fees for the Issuance of Stay Permits

Automatic Immigration Checkpoint for Investors

Ministry of JusticeBae Deok-hwanSenior Officer
Ministry of JusticeLee Jae-youngSenior Officer

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