Foreign Investment Policy Direction

The Korean government is pursuing foreign investment policies centering on (1) building a one-stop solution system; (2) improving regulations and systems related to foreign investment; (3) reforming regulations blocking invstment; and (4) supporting investment to enhance industrial competitiveness.

Establishing a one-stop solution system

The Korean government has established system for resolving pain points of foreign-invested companies by holding regular roundtable discussions chaired by the Minister; roundtable discussions with CEOs of foreign-invested companies (chaired by the head of the Trade and Investment Office); roundtable discussions with foreign chambers of commerce in Korea (chaired by an Assistant Deputy Minister); departmental briefings; and seperate committees for interdepartmental coordination.

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Improving regulations and systems related to foreign investment

The Korean government has been reforming regulations blocking foreign investment by lifting regulations on new industries and revamping regulations on foreign investment.

Lifting regulations on investment in new industries

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Revamping regulations on foreign investment

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