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Osong Bio Technopolis
Osong Bio Technopolis
Osong Bio Technopolis
The only state-run technopolis for the bio-industry initiated by the Korean government
A very attractive investment complex that is blessed with a favorable location, and various benefits and information infrastructure, which help resident member companies become among the most competitive internationally.
Business outline
Area: 4,633,000 m2
Location: The whole area of Gangwoe-myeon, Cheongwon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
Project period: From 1997 to 2007
Accommodated population: 14,200 (4,600 house holds)
Affluent life environment
Comfortable dwelling facilities and various educational institutions for children of all ages
Dwelling facilities
341 detached dwelling and 4,233 multi-family housing units
Educational facilities
Includes kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school and university levels
Comfortable living environment and abundant tourist attraction
Enjoy a perfect living environment, such as complete resident and traffic facilities, medical facilities and leisure and welfare facilities, that was all constructed for the excellent technical manpower in Osong Bio Technopolis
Vision of Osong Bio Technopolis
Administration-centered integration city under construction
Site relocation: Ministries and offices to be relocated
Total area: 296,91 km2
Project period: Ground breaking for construction in 2007 and completely relocated by 2012.
A new Osong city under construction
To construct the future-oriented city infrastructure with comfortable dwelling facilities, educational environment and ubiquitous system for the employees of the Osong Bio-Health Science Technopolis Institute
Total area: 24.20 km2 (Planned population: one hundred thousand)
Project period: From 2003 to 2020

Distance from Osong Bio Technopolis
To Cheongju International Airport- 15km
To Cheongju IC on Gyeongbu Expressway- 10km
To Seo Cheongju IC on Jungbu Expressway- 12km
To Ochang Science Complex- 12km
To the administration-centered integration city- 10km
To Seoul via Gyeongbu High-Speed Railway- 30 minutes
Foreign enterprises
Tax exemption and reduction
Reduction of corporate and income tax and exemption of custom duties, special excise tax value added tax
Local taxes (acquisition tax, registration tax, property tax) to reduced 100% from the start of the business, and by 50% for the next years thereafter
Reduction in rent
100% reduction for business of value in excess of one million dollar and accompanying cutting-edge technologies
75% reduction for general manufacturing business of value in excess of five million dollars