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Introduction to Busan

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Busan, the Second Largest City in Korea

Busan, the Second Largest City in Korea and a gateway to the world, has a population of 3.46 million. With its warm climate and beautiful environment, Busan is cultivated by its citizens with passion and affection. Since the Korean War, Busan has repeatedly made remarkable development and has grown into a mecca of maritime logistics with world-class super ports, as well as becoming a gateway city to the Eurasian continent connected with the world. In addition, Busan stands shoulder to shoulder with many famous cities all over the world through the successful hosting of various international events. Also, it is a tourism city that people from all over the world continuously visit. In particular, Busan is constructing industrial systems that will lead the future—such as movies, visual contents, and finance—thus leaping toward becoming a city of affluence and a green city that always thinks of the environment.
5위 세계 컨테이너항만(해양수산부, '13년기준), 1위 아시아대표 영화축제(부산 국제 영화제), 9위 아태지역 혁신도시(솔리디언스, ‘13년 기준), 4위 아시아 국제회의 도시(국제협회연합(UIA), '13년 기준) Large view of images


인구 : 3,560,000 명, 외국인관광객 수 : 2,760,000 명, 면적 : 769.82 ㎢, 지역총생산 : 69 조 9 천 8 백억 원, 행정구역 : 16 구·군, 208 읍·면·동, 4,535 통·리 Large view of images

Industrial Structure

From maritime industry, logistics, and cutting-edge visual contents industry toward the International Finance Center, Busan is the optimal and ideal city where the culture, industry, tourism, and IT industries are specialized in each district while coexisting with all other industries. Busan’s industrial structure is in the order of manufacturing, construction, followed by farming and fisheries, with the service industry at its center.
서비스업 : 72.1%, 제조업 : 20.0%, 건설업 : 5.3%, 농림어업 : 6.9% Large view of images

Foreign-Invested Companies

As of September 2022, the number of foreign-invested enterprises investing in Busan totals 598. Specifically, investment in service sector amounts to 71.1% (of which the wholesale and retail distribution makes up 58.8%) while investment in manufacturing industry stands at 27%, and others at 1.9%. In 2021, the city successfully attracted investments worth KRW 2 trillion and 168.5 billion from companies at home and abroad - ranging from global logistics companies such as Coupang, BFG Retail, and LX International to various industries of manufacturing, intellectual services and Biomedical healthcare - and created 8,362 jobs.
외국인 투자 분야 : 기타 16%, 서비스 20%, 제조 41%, 유통물류 23%, 서비스 분야 주요 외국인 투자기업 - 엔터테인먼트(멀린), 호텔(세가사미, 토요코인), IT(엑센츄어), 엔지니어링(인터그래프) Large view of images

Major Investors

LONDON METAL EXCHANGE, Rolls-Royce, 르노삼성자동차, MAN Disel & Turbo, WARTSIAL, AkerSolutions, Wilo, KONGBERG, Fraunhofer, Rexroth Bosch Group Large view of images