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Economic Hub of Southeast Region

Busan is the logistics and economic hub of the southeast region in Korea. As an industrial hub of Korea with a population of 7.63 million, it handles 90% of shipbuilding and shipbuilding parts production, 45% of automobile production and 40% of manufacturing.
부산 - 한국 동남 경제권 중심(정주인구 763만명) :선박건조, 조선부품 생산, 자동차 생산, 제조업 생산 Large view of images

Optimal Transportation Infrastructure

Busan, which operates inland, air, and marine transportation systems both at home and abroad, provides the optimal transportation infrastructure that connects the sea with the land, offering benefits including the promotion of transportation convenience for enterprises and the reduction of logistics cost.
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Outstanding Human Resources

Busan possesses excellent human resources based on its large population of 3.6 million and competitive education infrastructure. Busan is home to world-famous R&D centers including Fraunhofer Application Technology Research Institute, INI-GraphicsNet, Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre, Lloyd’s Register Foundation Research Center of Excellence and APEC Climate Center, 25 universities and 334 research institutes.
대학교 25개, 총 정원 수 187,163명, 석사학위 17,004명, 박사학위 3,604개, 연구기관 334개 Large view of images