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Busan, which is the largest movie and visual city in Asia, the representative tourism city in Korea and a specialized financial center, and World No.1 in shipbuilding orders with Korea's three largest shipping companies are closely located, is intensively promoting the infrastructure of the knowledge service industry. This will serve as the base for next-generation growth engine and foreign investment promotion.

2.68 million : No. of Foreign Tourists (Busan Metropolitan Government, as of 2019) 5th in Asia, 13th in World : No. of MICE Events (UIA, as of 2019) World No.1 : 8.19 million CGT in Korea (MOTIE, Shipbuilding Orders, as of 2020) 8th in the world : Volume of Derivatives Trade (Korea Exchange, as of 2020, 41.3% up from 2019)
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Mecca of Marine·Derivatives Specialized Finance and Film·Video Production
Foster the Marine · Derivatives Financial Center
  • Complete the 1st-2nd stage project of Busan International Finance Center Complex Development (2017), Work on the 3rd stage (2022-2025) : Total Floor Area 146,553㎡, 45 levels above ground, 5 underground levels, business, culture·art·tourism facility, and business-friendly facilities (library, daycare center)
  • Foster global finance talents: Education and Training Center of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), Operate marine·derivatives specialized graduate school of finance
Establish and Operate Film·Video Infrastructure
  • Create a Global Film Studio Complex (2016-2024): within Gijang Ceramics Tourism Healing Village Site (249,490㎡)
  • Build West-Busan Film Media Center: 1,400㎡ within Gangseo Open Culture Center, Commence construction in 2022, complete construction in 2023
  • Established and operating film‧video infrastructure: Busan Film Studio (2001), Post Production Facility (2008), Cinema Center (2011), Busan Visual Industry Center (2013), Busan Asia Film School (2016), Busan Museum of Movies (2017)
  • Support accommodation for film (drama) crew, support planning and development of film, support production and filmshooting, etc.
Revitalized Cultural Contents Industry Take a Leap
Revitalize Cultural Contents Industry
  • Create game convergence space (2018-2025): Within Centum Innovation District, Business support facilities, etc.
  • Lay the foundation for investment in game contents fields (2020-2024): KRW 100 billion
  • Foster Indie Game Startups: Indie Connect Studio, Establish and Operate Indie Game Curation System
  • Spread the brand awarness of Busan One Asia Festival: Connect New Korean wave and Busan’s city brand, emerge as a global event
  • Foster non-face-to-face digital webtoon contents: Creative Infrastructure (25 writer support facilities), foster talents (webtoon campus)
Enhance the Standing of Busan as a City of Tourism and Convention
Revitalize Ocean Cruise Tourism and Medical Tourism
  • Attracted joint home port of International Cruise ship in Busan, Host Busan International Cruise Exhibition (2015)
  • Developed and operating coastal cruise tour products: Operate Yongho Sightseeing Boat (Since October 2014, 3 boats)
  • Intensively foster Busan Medical Specialized Zone (2022-2025)
    • Desiganted as Seogu Medical Tourism Special District (Jan 19, 2022, Seogu, 144,296㎡), Specialized in severe diseases
    • Set to introduce heavy ion medical accelerator (2025), Specialized in tumor (cancer) treatment
    • Revitalize Seomyeon Medical Street in downtown area, Specialized in K-beauty such as plastic surgery cosmetics
  • Strengthen domestic and international network management to attract foreign patients
    • Domestic Tri-Port Information Center (Airport, Railway, Port), 9 Overseas Bases, 24 Telemedicine Centers
  • Respond to changes in global demand for medical tourism, online or offline customized medical market by targeted nation
    • Participation in medical tourism overseas special zone, Oversease briefing session·consultation, Remote consultation week, Medical sharing, etc.
Advancement of MICE Industry
  • Development of BEXCO Ancillary Facilities Site
    • Stage 1: Attract excellent business such as large business and high-tech hidden champions
    • Stage 2: Contribute to exhibition convention industry through private development
Expand the Tourism Infrastructure with Global Competitiveness
  • Selected as the 1st International Tourism Sity in Korea: Intensive administrative and financial support for 5 years
    • Natural Resources of mountain, ocean, and river in downtown and Host various festivals including World Fireworks Festival, and International Film Festivals
    • Secured background population of 8 million in southeastern area, more than 100 million within 2-hours flight, have the growth potential to become a base city for metropolitan tourism
  • (Four-season stay-type tourism complex) Osiria Tourism Complex Development: Finishing attraction of 34 investment facilities
    • Opened National Busan Science Museum (Dec. 2015), Opened Hilton Hotel & Ananti Condo (July, 2017), Opened IKEA (Feb. 2020), To open the tourism complex themed park (scheduled for Mar. 2022)
  • Introduced and operating ‘Busan Land-Water Tour Bus’, utilizing Busan’s merit facing the sea and rivers
  • Movie 'Gukjesijang' shooting
  • Revitalize Ocean Cruise Tourism
  • Advancement of MICE Industry