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Commercialization Project via Companies

■ Korea’s Only Spontaneous Medical Device Industry Cluster (6 Sectors about 97 Companies)

■ Supply-chain Established with In-Out Industries

  • Medical Device Business by Area in Gangwon Province (97 companies)
Area Anchor company Companies
Image Diagnostic Devices Sansung Medison Co.
LISTEM (Digital X-rays), CareTek(Medical endoscopes), VATECH(Digital X-rays for Dental Clinic, Dental Chairs, Dental Panoramic Device), Macro Vision(Bone Densitometer), JEJOONG(Film Reader, Ultrasound Therapy Device), KOSTEC(Medical monitors)
Metrologic Diagnostic Devices MEK-ICS
(patient monitor device)
Dow Medics(Diagnostic Device for Urology), Meditech(Urine Parameter Analyzer), Medigate (Electrocardiograph), Mediana(Patient Monitor), Medicalsupply(Pulse Oximeter), MEK-ICS(Patient Monitor)
General Therapeutic Devices CU Medical Systems
(Portable electrocardiograph, automated external defibrillator)
DAIHWA Corp.(Infusion Pump), DaeYangMedical (Low-frequency, High-frequency, Ultrasonic Therapy Device), Medirune (Period Pain Reliever), Neo Dr. (Automatic Magnetic Needle), Promedi (Low-frequency Stimulator), Energy Plus (High-frequency Stimulator), Sonic World (Sonic Wave Therapy System), Goodpl (Low-frequency Stimulator), Korea Laser (Device for Low Level Laser Treatment)
Orthopedics Medical Devices - Davinci Meditec (Functional Knee Joint Protector), Encare (Paraffin Bath), C&C Care (Orthopedic exercise device), Kosko (Rehabilitation Bicycle)
Medical Supplies I-Sens
(Test strips for blood glucose measuring)
Bioprotech (Medical Electrode), INSUNG MEDICAL (Medical Consumables), HUREV (Medical Electrode), BoSung Meditech (SafeLan.), Sciencity (Blood Tubing sets), Hanmi Meditech (Blood Tubing sets), Leaders Medical (Blood Tubing sets), M CURE (Drag Injection System),
Others Nuga Medical Spatech (Device for Skin Beauty), Cohas (Ozone Sterilizer), Dae Kyoung (Medical Massager), Megamedical (ENT Chairs)

■ Emerging Hub of Korea’s ultrasonic Device Manufacturing Industry - Korea is Global Hub of Ultrasonic Devices

□ An Anchor Business, Samsung Medison located nearby in Hongcheon
  • 1985: Established/ Exporting to more than 100 countries
  • 1998: Developed the world first live 3D ultrasonic diagnostic device
  • 2011: Merged into Samsung Electronics (Beyond Plus : Samsung Elctro. + Samsung Medison)
☞ Supply-chain: Medical monitor (KOSTEC in Wonju)

□ FDI Cases in Korea by Global Ultrasonic Plyers: Siemens
  • 2002: Established Siemens Ultrasonic Tech. Ltd. and probe manufacturing plant
  • 2003: Established medical ultrasonic laboratory
  • 2009: Established Siemens Healthcare Ultrasonic Div. plant and laboratory
□ FDI Cases in Korea by Global Ultrasonic Plyers : GE (General Electric)
  • 1994: Established ultrasonic diagnostic devices R&D center and plant
  • 2007: Established Asia’s biggest EMR R&D center
  • 2009: Established Korea Technology Center

■ International and National R&D Supporting Organizations

■ Abundant Manpower for Medical Device Industry

  • Students Majoring Medical Studies (Engineering and natural science)
    - Undergraduate students: 42,795
    - Graduate students: 6,736
  • Wonju Medial High school (380 students)
    - Korea’s only meister school for medical device area
    - Majors: Medical Engineering / Medical Electricity / Medical Electronics