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Mieum Foreign Investment Zone

 Mieum Foreign Investment Zone(Foreign investment zone , Proposed site for parts and materials industrial complex (suggested), New port logistics complex, Busan Science & Industrial Complex , Railroad , Garak IC, Manufacturing industry,Administrative zone, Residential zone, Commercial zone,  Parks, Schools)

Mieum Foreign Investment Zone

A parts and materials complex for foreign-invested companies in the machinery industry cluster

  • Location : Mieum-dong, Gangseo-gu, Busan
  • Area : 331,910㎡
  • Facilities : port, leisure, commercial facilities, etc.
  • Period : 2006 ~ 2011 (construction completed)
  • Target industries : new and renewable energy, auto parts, mechatronics, ship parts, high added-value industries

Mieum Foreign Investment Zone, completed in 2011 within the high-tech Mieum Industrial Complex, is a national parts and materials complex which will be home to new renewable energy, auto parts, mechatronics, ship parts and other high value-added industries.

Benefits of foreign-invested parts and materials companies

100% free lease fee when investing more than $ 5 million, and various tax credits and subsidies.

Mieum Foreign Investment Zone Overview
Classification Description
Qualification 100% foreign owned company or Joint venture, provided that foreign share is at least 30% and FDI is at least KRW 100 million
Lease conditions
  • Lease period : up to 50 years (contract to be renewed every 10 years)
  • Rent : about 1/100 of the development cost of the leased land
  • Annual rent : 5,415KRW/m²
Space for lease FDI amount should at least equal the construction cost of the land * 1 ㎡ x KRW 541,500
Investment Within 5 years after signing of the moving-in contract