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Duties & Responsibilities

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Duties & Responsibilities : Position, Name, Tel, Duties and responsibilities
Position Name Tel. Duties and responsibilities
Bureau of Economy & Trade Head Shin Hyeong Geun (043)220-3200 Supervision of general affairs of Economic Affairs & Trade Bureau
Director of Investment
Attraction Division
Lee Jong-gu (043)220-3310 Supervision of general affairs of Investment Attraction Division
Investment Policy Team
Choi Won-moon (043)220-3311 Supervision of investment Policy Division
Officers Jeong Kwang-hae (043)220-3312 Investment Attraction-related work
Lee Jae-won (043)220-3313 Major work planning, Provincial Council-related work
Park Sang-jun (043)220-3315 Investment subsidies,
Work regarding operation of Investment Attraction Committee
Choi Jae-sung (043)220-3314 Management of investment attraction PR, performance, etc.
Lee Kun-ho (043)220-3316 General administrative work, Investment promotion fund management
Ahn Su-jin (043)220-3317 Investment agreement signing ceremony, and other events, Investment attraction promotion and meetings materials
Investment Attraction Team Manager Kim Jin-tae (02)3462-6439 Supervision of Investment Attraction Team
Officer Yoon Jong-jin (02)3462-6794 Investment attraction activities
(targeting corporations in capital area)
Kim Yeongsam (02)3462-6562
Choi Sun-joon (02)3462-6563
Park Kyung-chan (02)3462-6796 Work at Investment Attraction Delegate
(investment attraction activities targeting metropolitan areas)
Foreign Investment Attraction Team
Lee Sang-hwan (042)220-3231 Supervision of foreign investment affairs
Officer Lee Sun-jae (043)220-3232 FDI attraction
Lee Jun-hee (043)220-3235 Attraction of foreign-invested companies
Kim Soo-hye (043)220-3233 Foreign investment promotion, Discover potential foreign investors, overseas networking management
Yoo Jung-han (043)220-3234 Foreign Investment Attraction
Site Support Team
Heo Hyuk (043)220-3331 Supervision of Site Support
Officer Lee Eung-cheol (043)220-3332 Industrial complex construction
Cha Jae-won (043)220-3333 Industrial complex construction projects (Chungju, Jecheon, Eumseong)
Kim Byeong Su (043)220-3334 Industrial complex construction projects (Boeun, Goesan), Support for construction of industrial water
Yeon Sang Mo (043)220-3335 Industrial complex construction projects (Okcheon, Yeongdong, Jeungpyeong)
Management of industrial complex Manager Park Jong-won (043)220-3321 Supervision of local industrial complex projects
Officer Seok Jae-kyun (043)220-3336 Management of Ochang Science Industrial Complex
Song Chang Seon (043)220-3323
Choi Seung-hwan (043)220-3322 Strengthen industrial complex competitiveness, industrial complex management basic plan
Bae Byeong-yeol (043)220-3324 Industrial complex management basic plan, Agro-industrial complex, etc.
KOTRA officer Yoon Soon-in (02)3497-1970 KOTRA officer(2021.1~2022.1)