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The best city for business,
Invitation to Chungbuk
The province is facing an
epoch-making momentum.
the economic center of Korea,
is a good place for business.
Chungcheongbuk-do (North Chungcheong Province) is a clean and beautiful province surrounded by magnificent mountains including Sobaek, Worak, and Sokri situated in the southern part of Baekdudaegan(a mountain range and watershed-crest-line which runs through most of the length of the Korean Peninsula), which Chungju Lake and Daecheong Lake wind their ways into, providing source of water for the Han River and Geum River. Along with its beautiful nature, the province has long been noted for generosity of the people and integrity of seonbi(meaning high-minded scholars in the Joseon Dynasty). Moreover, it is the birthplace of the splendid culture of the central region on the Korean peninsula. There’s more. The province has been versatile enough to create Jikji (Buddihist anthology), the world’s oldest metalloid type. It has been listed on UNESCO’s Memory of the World Program, being honored by six million people around the globe as an invaluable heritage.
Now Chungcheongbuk-do is emerging not just as the center of the peninsula but also as the economic center of the nation.
Anyone can reach the province within two hours from anywhere in the country thanks to convenient transportation network connecting railroads (Osong station) and expressways, and Cheongju International Airport, a gateway to the multi-functional administrative city.
In addition, Chungbuk is home to Osong and Ochang industrial complexes that are perfect locations for industrial sites and vaunt of the nation’s top IT, BT industries and infrastructure and excellent human resources.
Chungbuk is facing a dramatic turning point as we are building a new Chungbuk where the beautiful and clean environment and high-tech industries - that include IT and BT - coexist in harmony, where people can engage in innovative and dynamic business activities thanks to its most business-friendly environment in Korea and where businesspeople get respect they deserve. This is our chance to take a leap forward.
I hope that you join us in our efforts to build a new Chungbuk that boasts the most business-friendly environment and that offers you help in every step of the way.
Chungcheongbuk-do Governor Lee Si-jongLee Si-jong