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Chungcheongbuk-do’s Investment Strength: Reach any region in Korea within 2 hours, Best investment environment, Active support for businesses, Excellent industrial infrastructure Large view of images

Best Investment Environment: One hour to the capital and two hours to anywhere in Korea

An expressway network in all directions
  • Four expressways that run North and South ▶ Gyeongbu, Jungbu, Central inland and Jungang Expressway
  • Three expressways that run East and West ▶ Pyeongtaek ~ Jecheon, Dangjin ~ Yeongdeok, Dangjin ~ Uljin Expressway
Expressways that run crosswise
  • Osong station: The only station where Gyeongbu High Speed Railway and Honam High Speed Railway meet
    Connects all parts of Korea with Chungbuk, Jungang, and Taebaek Line
  • Central Inland line (Icheon ~ Chungju ~ Mungyeong), Cheonan and Cheongju (International airport) under construction
  • Double track railway between Wonju ~ Jecheon (Cetnral line) under construction
Cheongju International Airport, a hub in central region of Korea
  • Traffic: 3.15 million passengers, 38,000 ton cargo, 140,000 flights
  • Flights: International flights to 39 cities including Beijing and Shanghai
  • Distance from Osong Station to Cheongju International Airport: 10 minutes (21km)
  • Increased demand for international flights ; Booming global town including Osong Bio-Medical Complex, KTX(High-Speed Train)Railroad Station-influenced Area and Sejong Metropolitan Autonomous City
  • Easy access to Incheon International Airport (Travel time: 90 minutes)

Excellent Industrial Infrastructure

Designation of the Chungbuk Free Economic Zone (February 4, 2013)
  • BioValley (Chungwon Osong) 4.41㎢, Aeropolis (near Cheongju International Airport) 0.47㎢, Ecopolis (Chungju) 4.20㎢
Supply of outstanding talents
  • Human Resource Development: Established Chungbuk Human Resource Development Foundation (KRW 100 billion)
  • High-quality workforce: 71,000 graduates from 31 universities and graduate schools
  • Skilled manpower: 17,000 workers from 25 special purposed high schools
  • Customized talent-nurturing catered to needs of businesses
  • Facilitated industry-academia-research-government network
Plentiful industrial water and electricity from Chungju dam and Daecheong Dam
  • Bountiful supply of industrial water (50.29 billion㎥)
  • Stable supply of industrial electricity (1.094billion Kwh)
Advanced industrial and R&D infrastructure
  • Osong Bio-Medical Complex and six health-related government agencies
  • Advanced industry cluster focused on Osong and Ochang (Ochang campus of the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Chungbuk Technopark, Ochang campus of the Korea Basic Science Institute)

Business-Friendly Environment

Environment where businessmen are respected
Consultation sessions between the province governor and businessmen, day of businessmen, priority passport issuance service for businessmen
Center to solve businesses’ grievances
  • Day of consulting by experts in law, accounting and taxation: Once a month
  • Ombudsman system to solve businesses' greivances
  • Business consultations and one-stop service
  • Visiting consultation sessions to solve businesses’ grievances
Consultation for new investment and discussion on incentives
Support for plant construction and investment expansion of foreign companies
Grievance resolution and investment environment improvement for established foreign companies
Sustainable partnerships through favorable investment environment for foreign companies
E-corporate help center and corporate information system
Company SOS Net to receive and manage companies’ grievances online
Best place without disasters for advanced industries
The safest region according to a study of the National Institute of Environmental Research (Scored high on 32 evaluation criteria which include items regarding flood, typhoons and heat wave)