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Success Stories

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A brief summary of the latest success stories

  • SK Hynix established a new production line, M 15, in the city of Cheongju in 2018 since its inauguration of M11 in 2007.
  • LG Chem built up the world’s largest battery production facility in Ochang in 2011.
  • Woojinplaimm set up its headquarters into the eastern industrial complex in Boeun County in 2014
  • Hanwha QCELLS established Jincheon manufacturing facility in 2015.
  • Jeungpyeong Edufarm Special Zone broke ground to accommodate 30 local SMEs in 2017.
  • Hyundai Mobis’ automobile manufacturing plant, producing hydrogen vehicle parts started its construction project in 2018

1. Hanwha Q CELLS (Jincheon)

  • Signed a 1.5 GW of PV module supply contract with U.S.-based NextEra Energy, Inc (the commencement of production: Jan. 2016).
  • Signed an MOU for trilateral partnership among North Chungcheong Province, Jincheon County and Hanwha Q CELLS on Apr. 2015.r />
  • Formed a TF (8 Deparment, 7 teams, 70 personnel) in charge of electricity / industrial- wastewater treatment / biz- permission.
  • Built up a manufacturing plant in Dec. 2015, shortening the duration of the project.
  • Reached an investment contract worth KRW 1.5 trillion in total.
  • Hired 2,000 new employees.
  • Led to a demographic change in Jincheon from 62,000 in 2016 to 83,000 in 2018 (Duksan, which used to be ‘Myeon’, geographically within township area, turned to ‘Eup’, which refers to an administrative district at the local government level in Korea, describing a community, slightly larger than village (or Myeon in Korean) in Jul. 2019)

2. Jeungpyeong Edufarm Special Zone (2005~2022)

  • Made an KRW 159.4 billion investment.
  • Jeungpyeong County, Korea Rural Community Corporation, Blackstone Belle Foret
  • Sprawls across a 3,035,203 square meter site.
  • Launched with a group of TF, which consists of 7 Department, with 70 personnel.
  • Broke ground for the project in 12 years in 2017, with a tile of ‘the very first tourist resort established in North Chungcheong Province’.

3. Woojinplaimm

  • Moved into Boeun County from the city of Incheon in 2014.
  • Made an KRW 300 billion investment.
  • Hired 1,000 new employees.
  • Covers the entire swathes of land in the eastern industrial complex in Boeun County.
  • Push on the project in 11 months, right after forming a TF and reaching the deal.
  • Transformed into a high-tech valley from a small farming town. Will scale up the community as a Mecca for the machinery industry in Korea.
  • Sales: KRW 116.7 bln (2010) -> KRW 228.5 bln (2017)

Hyundai Elevator

Welcomed the site relocation into the 5th industrial cluster in the city of Chungju.
  • Rumored that Hyundai wanted a site relocation due to aging production line in Jul. 2017.
  • Proposed a site relocation into the community opening a networking channel with Hyundai while running a working level meeting.
  • Led to Hyundai’s decision to make large scale investments in Jun. 2018.
    • proposed a generous financial & administrative support, ran a series of working level meeting (over six times), inviting a group of delegation to the site in Emseong, Chungju and Jesheon.
  • Narrowed the nominees down to the city of Wonju, Icheon and Emseong. heating up the competition among potential candidates to have Hyundai AV.
    • Board members who joined the site tour raised concerns about possible anti-dump site protests. Started to call for other candidates for site transferring.
  • Listed the nominees up (including Jincheon and Chungju) again.
  • The governor reaffirmed exactly the same support level as what’s provided for the case in Emseong County.
  • Hyundai moved into the 5th industrial cluster in the city of Chungju in May, 2019.
  • Hosted a contract signing ceremony among the province, the city of Chungju and Hyundai, attended by Hyun Jeong-eun, Hyundai Group chairwoman in Jul. 2019.